NFL: 49’ers and Green Bay

Morning Kids

Hope your tucked in some place warm. We are heading to Green Bay, Wisconsin for the playoff game between the Packers and the 49’ers.

Packers are wearing their Green Jerseys with Gold Helmets. San Francisco is wearing their White Jerseys with Gold and Red Helmets


Green Bay to receive the kick off. Cobb returned the ball for 22 yards

Packers 1st series – Aaron Rodgers is at the helm for the packers today. 4th and 1 sees the Packers punting.

Niners 1st series – Sam Shields of the Packers is down and the trainers are looking at him. Loose ball on the tackle which rolls out of bound but the 49ers will keep the ball. Ball Carrier taken down for a 5 yard loss. Time out 49ers. On a busted play Kaepernick is sacked for a loss. On 4th and 6, a completed throw gains enough yards to keep the play alive. Nearly picked off by Williams for Green Bay. Devon House breaks up the play making it 4th down. Field Goal Attempt which is GOOD

9:00 49ers – 3 and Green Bay – 0

Packers 2nd series Aaron Rodgers is sacked for a loss of 2. FLAG – false start on the offense. 4th and 16 the Packers are forced to punt again. Downed on the Green Bay side of midfield.

Niners 2nd series – Measurement needed confirming 3rd and inches. Makes enough to keep the series alive. 25 yard field goal attempt which is good.

2:17 49ers 6 and Green Bay – 0

Packers 3rd series – Rodgers lost the ball due to a sack but Packers recovers. It is a loss of 6 on the play. 3rd and 15 – hand off to Lacey and he is not able to gain any yardage and will be forced to punt again.

49ers – will close with the first quarter starting their 3rd series


49ers 1st series – Picked off by T.  Williams on the defense for Green Bay

Packers 1st series – Working slowly with the cold but able to move the ball and keep the series alive. Lacey is the work horse on this drive. Rodgers to Nelson for the TOUCH DOWN. The biggest gain during that drive was only 9 yards.

5:50 Packers – 7 and 49ers – 6

49ers 2nd series – On a quarterback keeper Colin has run for a 42 yard gain. 10 yard run by Frank Gore for the TOUCH DOWN

2:48  – 49ers – 13 and Packers – 7

Packers 2nd series – Rodgers picks up the first down with a gain of 9 yards. FLAG – Offside on the defense, repeat 1st down. FLAG – hands to the face on the Offense. (2 and 14) 4th down and the Field Goal Unit comes on for a 34 yard try – GOOD. To close the second quarter

At the Half its the Packers – 10 and 49ers 13 


49ers have received the kick off to start the third quarter.

49ers 1st series – Colin is sacked on 3rd down by Mike Daniels of the Green Bay defense, forced to punt

Packers 1st series – Was forced to punt after not being able to move the ball. It was a 38 yard punt which was downed at the 18 yard line with no return.

49ers 2nd series – Quarterback keeper for a first down. Patton taken down behind the line for a loss. Colin is sacked for a loss of 8 yards. Forced to punt, Packers take over at their own 16 yard line

Packers 2nd series – Arron is sacked for a loss of 7, sacked for the second time by A. Brooks of the Defense for a loss of 4.(3rd and 22), forced to punt of 4th down. Fair Catch called on the 49ers side of midfield.

49ers 3rd series – Andy Lee forced to punt after a 3 and out.

Packers 3rd series – On two big carried Eddie  Lacey has the packers to mid field. Chain gang called for measurement which is good enough for the first down. James Starkes makes a 10 yard carry to keep the series alive and close the third quarter.


Packers 1st series – going for it on 4th down and 2 – Rogers managed to avoid the sack and get the ball to Coon for the conversion. TOUCH DOWN SCORED by John Kuhn.

12:06 – Packers – 17 and the 49ers – 13

49ers 1st series – 37 yard return on the kick off. On 3rd and 4 Colin kept the ball for the first down and more for a total of 23 yards. FLAG – Holding on the Defense. Colin to Vernon Davis for a TOUCH DOWN (63 yard drive)

10:31 49ers – 20 and Green Bay – 17

Packers 2nd series – Return picked up by Leo Bell for a return of 18 yards. Jordy Nelson avoided a couple of tackles for a gain of 11. Randall Cobb manged to get open to receive a throw from Arron Rodgers for a 25 yard gain. FLAG – Holding on the offense. 24 yard field goal attempt which is good and ties the game.

5:06 Packers – 20 and 49ers – 20

49ers 2nd series – Nearly picked off by Hyde on the offense. Gain of 11 gets the 49ers closer to field goal range with the 2:00 warning stopping the game. Blitz by the Defense but managed to out run them and get the needed yardage to keep the drive alive. Stopping the clock with 0:38 second left to measure and it was enough to keep going. Time out and the Field Goal unit to the field to see if they can win the ball game. 33 yard attempt to win the game – GOOD, to close the game


Green Bay Packers – 20 and the San Francisco 49ers – 23.

The 49ers will move on to play the Carolina Panthers in the next round of the playoffs.

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