Wild Card Catch up Chargers and Bengals

tumblr_mx3uslS9Uq1ra90n2o1_500Afternoon Kids.

Last of the Wild Card games with the Cincinnati Bengals and the San Diego Chargers. Game is taking place in Cincinnati, Ohio

Cincinnati has deferred and will kick off, Chargers to start on the 20 yard line. Andy Dalton directing the offense for the Bengals. Philip Rivers for the Chargers


Chargers 1st series – Phil is  sacked by Chris Crocker of the Defense. On 4th and 11 will punt (50 yard punt)

Bengals 1st series – A.J. Green gets the yardage needed to keep the series going out to the 46. Bernard was stopped for a loss of 3. 3rd down and 13  – 4 yards short of the first down. Punting unit on and it’s a 35 yard punt with no return.

Chargers 2nd series – Phil to Green for a major yard gain in Bengals terrority. Injury time out for the Chargers. 3rd and inches – they barely made it to keep things going on the 18 yard line. Phil avoids the sack and shovel pass the ball to Danny Woodhead. 1st and goal on the 8 yard line. A busted play is turned in to a 3 yard gain. Phil to Danny Woodhead for the TOUCH DOWN (86 yards in 6:00)

0:48 Chargers – 7 and Bengals – 0

Bengals 2nd series – will start on the 36 yard line. Picked up the first down to close the first quarter.


Bengals 1st series – time out by Chargers. On 4th and 1 will punt it away, Fair Catch but a FLAG – Holding on the receiving team.

Chargers 1st series –  will start on the 5 yard line. 4th and 2 will punt it away, fair catch at the 40, 47 yard punt.

Bengals 2nd series – 3rd down and 1 – get enough yardage to keep the drive alive. Zone fake to the left and moving to the right getting enough for a first down. Bernard has great leg strength and managed to get a 9 yard gain. Andy manages to get the throw off before getting sacked and manages to get it to Gresham for the TOUCH DOWN

5:59 – Bengals – 7 and Chargers – 7

Chargers 2nd series – taking the kick off on the 2 yard line, starting on the 25 yard line. Draw play for a gain of 5 yards. Phil turns almost being sacked into a gain but not enough for keep the drive alive. 46 yard punt.

Bengals 3rd series – Challenge Flag (is it a catch, does the receiver has control) Ruling on the field stands but there is a FLAG on the play – Holding on the offense. 2nd and 19 with a screaming throw for a reception of 49 yards. Barnard caught but was knocked loose. (play under review) Ruling Stands. Chargers Ball

Chargers 3rd series – starting on the 11 yard line. FLAG – Holding on the offense. 1st and 13 – for a gain of 1 yard. Time out by the Bengals. 4th and 10 punting from the end zone – 51 yard punt.

Bengals 4th series – On a full blitz Andy manged to get it away and get a first down. Field goal Attempt of 46 yards – is GOOD. to close the first half.

0:00 Bengals – 10 and the Chargers – 7


Chargers kicking off to start the second half.

Bengals 1st series – Not enough yardage to get the first down to keep the series alive. On 4th and 5 the punting unit is on and there is no return.

Chargers 1st series – On a monster throw it has become a 1st and goal, Phil to Green for the TOUCH DOWN

6:46 – Chargers – 14 and Bengals – 10

Bengals 2nd series – Kick off taking at the one. Starting on the 27 yard line. 3rd and 14 – Andy keeps the ball and sliding head first loses the ball. Chargers recovers.

Chargers 2nd series – 3rd and 6 – Phil makes  a good solid throw to get enough yardage to keep the series alive. On 4th and 4 the Field goal Unit comes on for a 25 yard field goal attempt which is GOOD

2:00 – Chargers 17 and Bengals – 10

Bengals 3rd series – to start on the 23 yard line. Picked off by the Chargers and returned back by Wright of the defense.

Chargers 3rd series – FLAG – Face Mask on the defense, FLAG – delay of game on the offense. Down to the one to close the quarter.


Chargers 1st series – 3rd and goal – taken down for a loss of 4. Field Goal unit on for a try of 23 yards which is GOOD

14:16 Chargers – 20 and Bengals – 10

Bengals 1st series – FLAG – holding on the return team. Starting on the 12 yard line. Andy having to take extra care with the rain coming down hard.  Picked off by the Defense. FLAG – Unnecessary roughness on the offense.

Chargers 2nd series – Going for it on 4th and 1 – FLAG – Delay of game on the offense which add 5 yards and makes it 4th and 6, will now punt.

Bengals 2nd series – Starting on the 12 yard line, its a 2 possession must win. Andy tosses a screaming pass and was not able to hold on to it. FLAG – Holding on the Defense, makes it a first down. To escape being sacked, Andy is forced to throw it away. On 4th and 3, Andy over threw his receiver.

Chargers 3rd series – With getting the ball back on downs the chargers start on the 42 yard line. Bengals take a time out. 3rd and 7 – keeping it on the ground trying to not turn the ball over. On 4th and 3 will be punting it away.

Bengals 3rd series – starting on the 19 yard line after Tate signals a fair catch. Andy was sacked for a loss of 2, going for it on 4th and 13 – there was nothing to lose but incomplete passes hand the ball back to the Chargers.

Chargers 4th series – TOUCH DOWN – Phil to Ronnie Brown got a hole in the offense and made his way to the end zone to give the chargers the win. It was a 58 yard run.

2:17 – Chargers – 27 and Bengals – 10

Bengals 4th series – The Chargers have kept the Bengals scoreless in this half of football. Chargers take their first time out of the half. Can not score to close the quarter


Cincinnati Bengals – 10 and San Diego Chargers 27

The Chargers move on to play Denver.


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