Super Bowl 48 – 2014

Super-Bowl-2014-Prop-Wagers-012714LMorning Kids

Hope you are bundled up as we head to New Jersey for the first outdoor Superbowl in cold weather part of the country. My feed here in Australia is coming from Fox Sports, calling the game for me is Joe Buck and Troy Akiman.

Peyton Manning and Russell Wilson will be directing their respective offenses today. Seattle calls TAILS and wins the toss, will defer to the second half.

**First Quarter**

Broncos 1st series – Ball snapped over Payton’s head. Ball is recovered in the end zone for a Safety.

14:48 – Seattle – 2 and Denver – 0

Seattle 1st Series – A 30 yard carry by Percy Harvin gets the ball on the Denver 31 yard line. FLAG – False Start on the OFFENSE. There is a 27 yard field goal attempt BUT Denver has challenged where Russell went out of bounds. The Challenge was LOST. Movement on the line. FLAG – False Start makes the Field Goal Attempt a 31 yard try. Field Goal is GOOD

10:21 – Seattle – 5 and Denver – 0

Denver 2nd series – FLAG – After the play on the kicking team. Personal foul. Ball now on the 35 yard line. 4th and 2 send the punting unit on the field.

Seattle 2nd series – 3rd and 4 – Wilson gets blitzed but manages to get the ball off for a complete pass and keep the series alive. A Floater pass to #89 Baldwin for a 37 yard completion. FLAG – Holding on the offense. John Fox Challenges the play. The challenge was not successful. 33 yard field goal attempt is GOOD

2:16 – Seattle – 8 and Denver – 0

Denver 3rd series – Kick off hits the cross-bar and Denver will start on the 20 yard line. Pass picked off by Chancellor of the Defense. 0:59 left in the quarter

Seattle 4th series – 1st quarter closes with Seattle in possession of the football


Seattle 1st series – 2nd and 5. FLAG – in the end zone – Defense Pass Interference. 1st and goal from the 1 – gain of 1/2 a yard makes it 2nd and goal. TOUCHDOWN. (this drive is result of the pick off)

12:00 Seattle – 15 and Denver – 0 

Denver – 1st series – Kick off was returned for 17 yards to the 15 yard line. Sea Hawks player down. #31 Chancellor is up and moving heading to the sideline. Payton to Thomas for a gain of 6. Thomas can only gain 3 on next carry. 10:30 in this half and Denver finally get their 1st down of the game. 2nd and inches has become 3rd and a yard – hand off to Ball they were able to keep the series alive. FLAG – Tripping on the offense, 10 yard penalty, 1st and 20. 3rd and 13 Peyton is hit and #53 Malcolm Smith picks off the ball and returns it for a TOUCH DOWN.

3:21 – Seattle – 22 and Denver – 0

Denver 2nd series after interception. Was returning the ball out to the 35 and lost the ball. Has been recovered by Seattle but under review. Review has the runner down before the ball comes lose.  Denver keeps the ball. Denver inside the 30 yard line, 2 minute warning taken.  1st and 10 on the 27 yard line. 3rd and 4, FLAG – false start, makes it 3rd and 9. 4th down and 2,  Seattle takes a time out. Denver going for it and they are NOT successful. Seattle take over on downs.

Seattle 3rd series – Close of the first half

**HALF TIME** Seattle – 22 and Denver – 0 ( Bruno Mars and the Red Hot Chilli Peppers performing at half time. )


Denver to kick off to Seattle – return kick off for touch down.

14:48 – Seattle – 29 – Denver – 0

Seattle kicking off after touch down.

Denver 1st series – FLAG – Neutral Zone infraction makes it 1 and 10. 4th down and 11 sends the punting unit on. Fair catch by Tate of the defense.

Seattle 1 series – Lynch with a major carry of 18 yards. FLAG – holding against the offense. 4th down and the punting unit is on, returned to the 45

Denver 2nd series – Payton completed the throw but the ball was knocked out. Seattle recovers.  FLAG – personal foul on the passing team. 15 yards.

Seattle 2nd series – Seattle has NOT turned over the ball at all in this game. Starting at their own 42 yard line. Wilson to Wilson for the 1st down to keep the series alive. Wilson to Lockette for a gain of 19 yards. Wilson to #15 Kearse with an awesome catch for the TOUCH DOWN

2:58 – Seattle – 36 and Denver – 0

Denver 3rd series – No return. Will start on the 20 yard line. FLAG – holding on the offense. 10 yard penalty makes it 1st and 20. FLAG on the play – Defense Pass Interference – 1st down, Peyton to #88 Thomas for the TOUCH DOWN. 2 point try is GOOD

0:00 Denver – 8 and Seattle 36


Seattle 1st series – starting on the 48 yard line. FLAG – Holding on the offense. #65 for Denver Vasquez is heading to the locker room. 3rd and 2 Denver has a man down on the field.  Kearse with a 24 yard reception from Wilson. #89 Baldwin for the TOUCH DOWN

11:45 Seattle – 43 and Denver – 8

Denver 1st series – #25 Sherman of the Defense is slow to get up. ON the cart to the lockeroom,(ankle injury and is doubtful to return) FLAG – Pass Interference on the Defense. #28 Thurman is down, off the field on his own. 4th and 2 will try to pick up the needed yards, Incomplete pass and Seattle will take over on downs,

Seattle 2nd series – FLAG – holding on the offense. #60 is slow to get up. 4th and 1 going for it – incomplete pass and Denver will take over on downs.

Denver 2nd series – 3rd and 11 – pass is incomplete. 4th and 11, Denver is going for it. Peyton has the ball knocked out of his hand. Seattle recovers and takes over

Seattle – 3rd series – Russell Wilson just check out of the game and #7 Tavaris Jackson is in to replace him. 2:00 minute warning. Denver takes over on downs.

Denver 3rd series – Close of the game.

Seattle give their Coach the ceremonial Gator Aid bath.


Denver Broncos – 8 and the Seattle Sea Hawks – 43

The MVP of the game is: 53 Malcolm Smith of the Seattle Sea Hawks

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