Pre Season — Bears and Jacksonville

Bears and Jaguars

Bears and Jaguars

My first NFL game of the season is the Chicago Bears against Jacksonville Jaguars at Soldier field in Chicago.

Jake Cutler at the helm of the offence for the Bears, facing Chad Henne at the head of the offence for Jacksonville

*Bears kicking off.

* First Quarter Jacksonville ball after a steady move of the ball down field, on fourth down and five, 49 yard field goal attempt, which was  good for a 3 – 0 lead at the 11:11 mark of the first quarter.

*Bears opening series – were only able to go 3 and out and punted the ball on fourth and two. Jaguars will start on the 18 yard line.

*Jaguars second series – first flag of the game, holding on the defense giving the jags a first down and ten on the 21 yard line. FLAG – False start on the offence backs them up to third and goal. With a 25 yard field goal on fourth down the Jags extend their lead to 6 – 0 over the Bears. 4:47 in the first quarter.

The Bears have fumbled the ball on the kick off and the Jags recovered on the Chicago 23 yard line. FLAG – holding on the offence Henne was just sacked on 3rd and 13, FLAG – illegal contact on the defense giving the Jags a first down. FLAG – Hands to the face, touchdown stands. its 13 – 0 at the 52 second mark of the first quarter.

*Bears starting on the 18 yard line after the kick off. Starting at 3rd and 10 Cutler makes his first throw of the season for a 30 yard gain. FLAG – hands to the face on the Defense. Cutler unloads for a 20 yard gain, FLAG – Personal Foul. 15 yards. 13:23 of the second.  10:48 mark of the second the Bears finally get on the board. With the point after good, they have cut Jacksonville’s lead to 13 – 7.


*FLAG on kickoff – HOLDING against Jacksonville.  Starting on the JAX 12 yard line, FLAG – Hands to the face against the defense, on 4th and 9 are punting the ball away after not being able to complete a series. The bears will have to start inside the 10 yard line of Jacksonville.

*Bears – first FLAG of the series – Pass Interference on Defense. another flag for pass interference and another first down. The third flag of the series is Personal Foul and will replay the first down. 1 and 25 with another flag in this series. Hands to the face on the offense. 1st and 35 Cutler has to throw it away. On 4th and 26 the Bears are having to punt the ball away.

*JAX –  Is running a hurry up, no huddle offence and moving the ball fairly well. On 4th and 5 Jaguars will try another field goal from 43 yards out, which is good, 1:31 left and its 16 – 7 in Favor of Jacksonville.

*Bears – take the kick off and return to just shy of the 20 yard line. FLAG – hands in the face against the defense. 3rd and 17, come up well short of the needed yardage and must punt the ball with 58 seconds left in the first half. FLAG on the punt, HOLDING on the 51 yard kick. Blake Bortles has taken over at the helm of the offense.

At the close of the first half its the Bears – 7 and the Jaguars – 16. Bears are looking flat and still not quite sure what is going on some down. The hurry up offense for the Jaguars is working well and they are looking fresh and are moving the ball well.

*Second Half*

Jaguars to kick off to the Bears to open the half.

*Bears opening drive of the second half. On 3rd and 1 it was a 25 yard gain to keep the drive alive. FLAG on play: Illegal contact on the Defense makes it a first down. Pass picked off and returned to the 46 yard line but there is a FLAG: Unsportsmanlike like conduct on the Jaguars.

*JAX first series of the second half – A 29 yard gain keeps the series alive. On 4th and 3 the field goal unit comes on, the attempt at 29 yards is good for the score first score of the second half, taking Jacksonville’s lead to 19 to 7.

*Bears second series of the second half. 8:08 minutes left in the quarter. On the first play the ball is knocked lose and the Jaguars recover the ball. There has been a challenge, it has been overturned and will stay with the Bears.on 4th and 11 as the Bears waiting to punt there has been a Challenge flag thrown. Looking to see if the pass was complete. Ruling confirmed. Late FLAG on the end of the play, Jaguar returning: Block in the back on the returning team.

It is 1 and 10 for the Jax on the 10 yard line. 2nd and 7 after an injury to Jacksonville player. On 4th and 4 Jacksonville will punt, with the Bears not able to return the ball. 3rd and 16, the Bears will have to punt being 6 yards short of the need yardage to keep the series alive. The Jax will close the quarter with the ball, after the Bears punted.

*Jacksonville open the final quarter of the game with the ball on the 15 yard line, FLAG – False start on the offense. They were not able to keep the series going and punted the ball to the Bears.

*Bears series – Flag – Illegal Contact by the Jags which keeps the series alive for the Bears. On 2nd and 11 a pass takes it to the 3 yard line. On 3rd and Goal the Bears finally break over the goal line, with the point after they cut the Jaguars lead to , 14 to 19 , still in favor of Jacksonville.

Jacksonville with the ball for their next series, still playing with a hurry up no huddle offense, many players being rotated in trying to earn spots before the  first cut is made before the season starts. It was a 47 yard punt, with no return by the Bears

5:27 left in the game the Bears start out hoping to take this game out in the last few minutes. On 4th and 7 the Bears are forced to punt, only a 10 yard return and a FLAG: Face mask of the kicking team.

Jaguars Offence back on the field with 3:50 left in the game. On 3rd and 6 the Jags are not able to keep the drive alive and will punt to the Bears, giving them one more chance to win the game. FLAG: Pass Interference giving the Bears a first down. Ball on the 35 yard line, Palmer was hit as he threw, FLAG – Roughing the passer makes it a first down. At the 2:00 minute warning the Bears are still moving the ball and have a chance of stealing a win. Palmer dumps off to Perry and he is able to get out of bounds, Perry again gets the ball and makes the first down yardage. Edwards down to the five yard line. Perry takes a hand off and makes the end zone to give the Bears the first lead of the night, going for the 2 point conversion, the Bears were unable to convert giving the Bears a one point lead 20 to 19.

With 50 seconds the Bears kicked off and the Jax will be starting on the 16 yard line, On a screen play they get enough to keep the drive alive. 27 second left in the game the Bears pick off a Jaguars pass. It was a forced throw by Morris. The bears take a knee to close out the game.

Final Score: Bears 20 and Jacksonville 19


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