Pre Season Bears and Sea Hawks


Its my second look at the Bears today who are up against the Super Bowl Champions Seattle Sea Hawks.

*First Half

(Due to the baseball game finished late) I joined the game in the first quarter with the Hawks already ahead 7 – 0. Hawks are 3rd and goal with Russell Wilson directing the offense, FLAG – false start on the offense, Rushing TOUCH DOWN, with point after its Hawks – 14 and the Bears – 0 at 1:09 in the first quarter.

Bears with the ball on the 17 yard line with Jake Cutler at the helm.  On a three and out the punting team is on. It was a good series, just could not hold on to the catches. 13:13 of the second quarter

Sea Hawks – TOUCH DOWN – 7:10, with the point after the Hawks extend their lead to 21 to 0.

Bears – need to try anything to get some points in the board before halftime. The hawks are looking strong and see a lot of confidence in both the offense and defense. Ruling on the field is the ball is recovered by the Hawks. Ruling is the runner was down after the ball came loose, Bears 1st and 10 at the 33 yard line. Punting away and the Hawks return to the 17 yard line of the Bears.

Hawks – TOUCH DOWN – 1:55. with the point after it is 28 to 0.

Bears – need something to go right to gain some confidence or they are heading for a defeat.Cutler managed so how to not get sacked and get the ball out to a receiver for the first down. FLAG – delay of game on the offense, makes it 1 and 15. First and goal at the 1/2 foot line, FLAG – Offense pass interference. Picked off by the sea hawks and its returned to the 43 yard line. (on a bad call and cutler not ready for the snap)

Hawks – Field goal of 59 yards it is good and the Hawks close the game with a 31 – 0 first half.

*Second Half

*Bears with the ball to start the half. FLAG – against the Bears. Cutler sacked for a loss. On 4th and 11 punting from their end zone, the Hawks have good field position.

*Sea Hawks – FLAG on the offense – clipping, makes it 1 and 25, 53 yard field goal attempt is no good, score holds at 31 – 0. 9:33 in the 3rd quarter

*Bears – Missed field goal to the right and at 5:58 in the third it is still a 31 – 0 Hawks lead.

*Sea Hawks – Jackson taking over at Quarterback. On 4th and 8 a field goal attempt is good and they Hawks extend their lead to 34 – 0.

*Bears – 2:28 in the third, FLAG – delay of game on the offense. 2nd FLAG and delay of game again. On 3rd and 5 the Bears are stopped short and the punting unit is on.

*Sea Hawks – FLAG – False start on the offense. a second false start flag Quarterback sacked. FLAG  – personal foul on the kicking team(roughing the receiver)

*Bears  – Clauson in at QB 1 and 10 on the 38 yard line. FLAG – false start on the offense. FLAG on the play, Pass Interference on the Defense, keeps the series alive. Field Goal attempt which is good at the 5:56 mark of the fourth quarter and the Bears are finally on the scoreboard, Sea Hawks – 34 and the Bears – 3

*Sea Hawks – turned over the ball

*Bears –  Going for it on 4th and 6 – field goal attempt – 38 yard attempt is good. Another Field goal taking the score to Bears – 6 and Hawks – 34. Hawks to start at the 20

*Hawks – Take a knee to run out the clock.

*Final – Sea Hawks – 34 and Chicago Bears – 6 (Penalties where the downfall tonight for the Bears. Missed catches along with missed assignments also hurt. The Hawks were solid in all areas and will be hard to beat in the regular season. )