NFL 2014 – Packers and Sea Hawks

Green_Bay_Packers_3-D_MagnetWelcome to the first game of the 2014 season.

It’s the Super Bowl Champions Seattle Sea Hawks against the Green Bay Packers.

First Half: Seattle to Kick off

*Packers – Aaron Rodgers to Quarterback, FLAG – Offside on the defense, 4th and 10, the punting unit is on, short kick,returned to the 35 yard line.

*Sea Hawks – Russell Wilson to Quarterback, 4th and 2, punting. FLAG – Running in to the kicker, makes it 1st and 10. On 4th and 1 a field goal attempt, is good, Seattle – 3 and Green Bay – 0 6:03 in the first

*GB – 4th and 14. Punting – does not call fair catch and the ball is loose, GB gets the ball back at the 34 yard line. TOUCH DOWN – with the point after it is a GB lead 7 – 3 at the 1:25 mark of the first.

*Sea Hawks – Start on the 20 yard line. FLAG – Holding on the Offense, TOUCH DOWN (4 plays, 80 yards) 13:00 in the second quarter *Score – Seattle – 10 and GB – 7

*GB – returns the ball to the 16 yard line. FLAG on the play – Defense Pass Interference(44 yard penalty). 23 yard field goal attempt is good. Seattle – 10 and Packers – 10 at the 6:52 mark in the second quarter

*Sea Hawks return the kick off to the 30 yard line.FLAG – Off Side on the Defense. TOUCH DOWN (5 plays, 70 yards) 3:41 – Seattle – 17 and GB – 10

*GB – Kick off taken in the End Zone. From the 20 yard line, 4th and 3, Punt will bounce and be downed at the 17 yard line. Wilson Sacked. FLAG – Illegal contact makes it a first down.

*Half Time – Green Bay – 10 and Seattle – 17

*Second Half

*Sea Hawks – On 4th and 4 will have to punt the ball. Fair catch call and GB with the ball starting at the 14 yard line.

*GB – Rodgers picked off by the Hawks but there is a flag on the play. NO Flag

*Sea Hawks – 1st and goal on the 8 yard line. Field Goal attempt from 20 yards and it is good, *Score – Seattle – 20 and GB – 10

*GB – Kick off taken in the end zone. will start on the 20 yard line.After to long passes and no connections it is now 4th and 5. Deciding to go for it and Rodgers is sacked turning over the ball.

*Sea Hawks – Punting on 4th and 8, GB with the ball at the 10 yard line.

*GB – Rodgers loses the ball and the ball is recovered in the end zone. FLAG – Ball recovered in the end zone by the offense is a safety, *Seattle – 22 and GB – 10. Free Kick from the 10 yard line due to penalty, Hawks starting from the 47 yard line.

*Sea Hawks – 1st and goal at the 3 yard line. (end of the 3rd quarter). TOUCH DOWN (8 plays covered 53 yards) 14:55 of the 4th quarter. Seattle – 29 and GB – 10

*GB – starting on the 18 yard line. FLAG – Offense. TOUCH DOWN(10 plays,82 yards) going for the 2 point conversion, pass incomplete, 9:31 – Seattle – 29 and GB – 16.

* Sea Hawks – Kick off taken in the end zone, will start on the 20 yard line, FLAG – Holding on the Defense. FLAG – Holding on the offense. FLAG – Face mask on the defense. ON 4th and 1 they go for it and score a TOUCH DOWN(12 plays, 80 yards) Seattle – 39 and Green Bay – 16 with 2:31 left in the game.

*GB – takes the kick off out to the 25 yard line, FLAG – Holding on the offense. 4th and 13 will have to punt. Hawks with the ball on the 23 yard line.

*Sea Hawks – Wilson take a knee on 3 downs to run the clock out.

*Final Score – Seattle Sea Hawks 36 and the Green Bay Packers – 16