Monday Morning Football

25_LL4The New York Jets taking on the Chicago Bears at The Meadow lands in New York.

Jay Cutler will be directing the Bears offense, with Geno Smith driving the Jets

The Jets to start with the ball on the 20 yard line. Ryan Mundy takes a 45 yard interception and returns it for a Bears score. 14:28 in the first with the Bears – 7 and Jets – 0

After a 3 and out by both sides, the Bears punted from their end zone, Jets return team mishandled the return and the Bears recovered. A 33 yard Defense Pass interference play have the Bears in the red zone. Cutler passes to Bennett for a 7 yard touchdown. Bears – 14 and Jets – 0

Jets using a no huddle offence on their third series to see if they can finally move the ball. On 3rd and  the Jets are attempting to finally put some points on the board. 43 yard field goal attempt is good. 3:42 in the first its the Bears – 14 and the Jets – 3

*Second Quarter – (Bears – 14 and Jets – 3)

Bears with the ball on the 18 yard line. Robbie Gould tacks on a 24 yard field goal with 13:57 in the second. Bears – 17 and the Jets – 3.

The Jets finally hit with a 44 yard gain but there were not able to get it in the end zone and had to settle for another field goal at the 10:00 time in the second, Jets – 6 and Bears – 17.

3:45 Smith throws to Jeremy Kerley for a 19 yard touchdown. with the extra point, Jets have cut the lead to 13 – 17 Bears.

It has been a battle of the defenses up to this point since the last score. There have been mistakes by both sides and the second half will be interesting to see if anyone can blow this open. The Officials have also had a hand in some of the calls setting the pace for this game.

*Close of first half has the Bears with a 17 to 13 lead over the Jets

*Second Half

12:58 FLAG – hands to the face. 1st and 20 – trying to make the red zone. 11:28 the Bears finally make the end zone ( Cutler to Bennett for 13 yards), With the extra point, the Bears extend their lead to 24 to 13.

Bear need to work on getting the punt off better. Twice tonight they were almost blocked.

with 41 second left in the third term, the Jets send the field goal unit out, which is good cutting the Bears lead to 24 to 16.

The fourth quarter saw only two scores with the Jets adding another field goal at the 9:52 mark, with Nick Folk booting a 42 yard goal, cutting the Bears lead to 24 to 19.

Robbie Gould booted a 45 yard field goal to extend the lead back to 27 to 19 which would be the final score of the game.

Defense once again stood tall in this game causing mistakes, and they Bears were able to take advantage and find some positives.

*Final Score Bears 27 and Jets 19