Thursday Night Football — Jets and Patroits

710x380-20141016preview-patriots-jets-home-thumbNew York Jets and the New England Patriots do battle at Gillette Stadium in  Foxborough, Massachusetts,

The jets won the toss and have deferred

*First quarter

*NE – Tom Brady at the helm, has never lost on a Thursday. Brady unloads a hail Mary pass to Shane Vereen for the first touchdown of the game, 13:31 into the game and its a NE 7 – 0 lead.

*Jets – Geno Smith at the helm for the Jets. Last time I saw him he really struggled and at one point was pulled out of the game. Smith’s first throw for 29 yards looked cautious but he connected. Ivory turned what looked like a loss into a first down, He showed really good determination to make sure he got what was needed. Smith had to keep and made the first down. Touchdown but a flag, FLAG – holding on the offence. The penalty hurt and a field goal was tried and was good. 7:04 drive takes the score to NE 7 and the Jets – 3

*NE – Kickoff returned out to the 30. Jets Defense settled in and were able to hold NE to a three and out.

*Jets – Smith was sacked but with a holding flag on the defense, it’s another 3 downs. An offense holding flag brings them back. A 47 yard field goal on 4th and 15 cuts NE lead to just one 7 – 6 near the end of the first quarter.

*NE – Brady tried another unload throw and he was not able to connect, so to begin the second quarter they are forced to punt.

*Jets – Flag on the play, Holding prior to the pass. Folk boots his third field goal of the game to give the Jets the lead 9 – 7 over NE.

*NE – La Fell takes a great catch. FLAG – Offense, ineligible player down field. Touchdown to Vereen at the 4:22 mark in the second quarter. NE take the lead back 14 – 9.

*Jets – Wilson takes the kick off 68 yards on the return back to Patriot terrority. At the 2:00 warning the Jets are within scoring a touchdown or a field goal. The Jets take the field goal and cut the lead back to 5 with NE still ahead 14 – 12.

*NE – 39 yard field goal attempt, extends their lead over the Jets by a score of 17 – 12

*Third quarter

*Jets –  with the ball are looking solid so far on offense. Smith is throwing with confidence, Mistake by Smith almost cost the drive but only losing 2 yards. 8:58 of the quarter the Jets finally get a touchdown. Jets take the lead back 19 to 17. 80 yards in 6 minutes thanks to work horse Ivory.

*NE – Offside on the defense. Brady throws it away but a flag, illegal contact on the defense. NE settled for a field goal to take the lead back 20 – 19 late in the third.

*Jets – Smith sacked for the second time tonight. On 4th and 4 the Jets punt for the first time tonight. 48 yard punt

*NE – the Jets Defense have caused havoc and the Patriots area 3 and out.

*Jets – with the ball , starting the final quarter. Smith sacked for a loss of 15 yards, punting on 4th and 20.

*NE – I don’t know what the Jets have done during the half time but the changes made have worked, another 3 and out for the Patriots. there is a flag – Holding on the receiving team.

*Jets – Flag – Holding on the Defense. Smith is Down – Vick in at quarter back. Punting for the third time.

*NE – FLAG – Delay of game. Out at the 3 but a flag, pass interference on the offense. 3rd and goal at the 19 – TOUCH DOWN, 27 to 19 with 7:49 left in the game

*Jets – with Vick in they tried a 2 quarterback play, Flag on the play – holding on the defense. With no one open Smith manged to weave his way to a first down to keep the series going. Touch down but no 2 point conversion.

*NE – 3 and out. The Jets need  a field goal to steal the win. The final field goal attempt was blocked.

*Final score – New England – 27 and The New York Jets – 25.