Playoff time

Playoffs start this weekend and here is the schedule of the fun we get to look forward to :

The Wild Card is the first weekend January 3 and 4

Ravens and Steelers  — Bengals and Colts in the AFC

Cardinals and Panthers — Lions and Cowboys in the NFC

* My pics for those games are The Steelers over the Ravens. I think the Bengals and Colts could be a toss-up depending on who wants it more, and who makes the least mistakes. The way the Panthers played last week I have to give them the nod and being a Dallas girl I have to go with my boys.

January 10 and 11 will see the winner of the Ravens Steelers game face New England. The Patriots are always tough in playoffs. I would like to see the Steelers go up against them. That would make for an interesting game, with the defense especially.

Denver gets the winner of the Bengals and Colts. I think whoever get gets this game will be in for a long day. With only losing 4 games over the year, once again they are tough when they play at home.

Sea hawks will welcome the winner of the Cardinals and Panthers match up. Cam Newton should be able to hold his own if they can make it this far but going to the Hawks home is a battle with the noise in itself.

The Packers get the winner of the Dallas and Lions and no matter who wins that one, it will be another classic match. Hope Dallas is ready for the cold trip north.

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