Wild Card Catch up

Yes, I know I am behind but, before the weekend games I am taking a second look at how the Wild Cards went and what needs to happen to get a win in this weeks games.

Game 1 – Cardinals and Panthers – I chose the Panthers for this game, I did hear that the Cards were a complete disaster. When I heard about the accident that Cam Newton was in, I honestly thought that he would not make it for this game.

The defense for Carolina early in the first quarter were standing up and causing 3 and outs. The punter for the Cardinals could barely get his first 2 punts off and the hang time was non-existent.

Is it just me or was the Cardinals quarterback having a big lack of confidence?

Panthers Defense worked well, causing headaches and it looked like continuous pressure on the Cardinals quarterback. In the first half the Panthers caused 4 three and outs. Mistakes in the second quarter caused issues for the Panthers.

Philly Brown from Ohio State is earning his keep this game.

The Sea Hawks will welcome the Panthers and with the noise by the Hawks fans its going to be interesting to say the least. Cam is going to have to play at his best and can the Panther Defense stand once again to get the job done and knock out the Sea Hawks. This game could go either way but I have to give the advantage to Seattle,

*Ravens and Steelers Game is next on my play list

I did chose the Steelers for this one, how well they looked over the Bengals. The Ravens Defense is looking tough early and causing headaches for the Pittsburgh Offense. You know how back in the day when Pittsburgh had that front line that was just mean and nasty when they played together, that spark is missing or is it just the change in players that spark is gone?

In the first half, simple mistakes by the Steelers, the Ravens were able to take advantage of. A low scoring first half with a score of 10 to 9 Ravens but the fire works showed up in the second half.

The Ravens Defense sacked Ben 3 times in the first half. That worked to their favor not allowing Ben to find his rhythm. The Ravens Secondary has been a real surprise this game. They have a lot of confidence and are handling their assignments well. Pittsburgh got the full pressure better on Flaco in the second half but it would not be enough

The Ravens went on to win this game by a score of 30 to 17. I cant remember the last time I saw a Steelers score that low.

The Ravens are off to New England to face the Patriots. I have to give New England the tip here just for the home field advantage and the experience they have in playoff games.

*Cincinnati and Indianapolis

I called this one a toss-up, who makes the least amount of mistakes would come out on top of this one.

The big question would be can the Bengals break the not winning a playoff game. I don’t think Cincinnati was expecting the Colts to go as well as they did on the first drive. The Bengals are missing 2 key offensive players and it is showing early that they are were in trouble. Hill was able to score the first touch down for the Bengals which was needed for some confidence.

The first half turned out to be rather ordinary in my book, it basically came down to who wanted it more and would make the least amount of mistakes.

The close of the first half would see the end of the Bengals scoring, Colts shutting them out in the second half. Indianapolis would go on to add another 10 points in the third and a field goal in the fourth to close out the game. Final score 26 to 10 in favor of the Colts.

The Colts are heading to Denver for a battle of the quarterbacks as Andrew Luck for the Colts against Payton Manning. The Defense of the Colts is going to have to be on their guard if they want to have any chance.

* Dallas and Detroit

Being a Dallas girl I picked my boys in this game. The Lions came out and made things truly difficult for the Cowboys on all aspects of the game. No matter what the Cowboys tried the Lions had a reply.

With the Lions lead at half time 17 to 7, I honestly though that the Cowboys were truly finished. Dallas clawed they way back with 17 unanswered points. The Lions could only put a field goal on the board in the second half. The issues with the refs and the calls in the fourth quarter I think really handed the Cowboys, help with the win.

Dallas is heading to Cheese Head country as they play the Green Bay Packers in Wisconsin. This is another one that is too close to call


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