Divisional Playoff – Sea hawks and Panthers

This game is going on live now, I am playing catch up

It is going to be a real challenge for Carolina, Cam Newton is to have the game of a life time, along with the defense playing at their best to give them any chance. The crowd at the game will be a big help to the Hawks as they can get really loud and make it difficult to hear. I have to give the tip to Seattle

*First Quarter

Carolina won the toss and will receive the kick off. Starting at the 20, the crowd is very loud and should be the whole game. It is a 3 and out,so here comes Russell Wilson and the offense. It’s a typical Seattle winter, so it will be rainy and cold. Marshawn Lynch will be a work horse today keeping it on the ground.

Cam got sacked and managed to throw the ball away saving a big loss but it was too close to the end zone.

Its been a see saw 3 and out for both sides, no one is really able to get anything going so far, keeps up and it will be 0 – 0 at the close of the first. A hail Mary pass gets picked off by Richard Sherman, now can the Hawks turn it into some kid of a score? The answer to that question was NOPE

When will offenses learn that running the same play twice in a row usually will not work,

Carolina was stripped in the back field and the Sea Hawks just recovered, there is just over 2 minutes left and I am wondering if there will be any score? They are at their own 32 so, there should be some kind of a score before the end of the first quarter. Less than a minute left in the quarter and Seattle finally gets on the board. What looked like a throw away from a blitz manages to find Doug Baldwin 0:56 its 7 to 0 in  favor of the Hawks.

*Second Quarter – Seattle – 7 and Carolina – 0

That was a hell of a throw by Cam but if Sherman could have held on to that pick, that would have been amazing. Philly Brown of Ohio State is playing well with his shoulder causing him issues.

7:48 in the second and Carolina finally break the goal plain and get on the board, tying up the game at 7 all

Who saw a 63 yard reception by Kearse from Wilson to take a 14 to 7 lead. nearing the end of the second quarter.

Its 4th and 1 with 1:02 left in the first half, and the Panthers take a time out. Decision time, do you go for it or take the sure 3 points. Carolina is going for it, now its Seattle’s turn to decide how to best stop this run, the chain gang makes the final decision as the series is still alive. There is a flag but on the verge of scoring, Seattle pick it off and it was a bad decision by Newton, Seattle read the play well. There are flags off setting and Seattle will keep the ball . Looking at the replay I am not sure that he had control of the ball, it is 3rd and 8 at the 24 yard line, the receiver was deemed not to have control.

Carolina is taking the safety of a field goal so close to half time. There is a penalty but the field goal is good, false start prior to the snap and they will have to kick again. 40 yard field goal and its blocked, another flag and its running in to the kicker, finally with a flag on the defense they get the field goal, The half ends with Seattle on top 14 to 10 over Carolina.


Third Quarter – Carolina — 10 and Seattle – 14

Seattle receives the kick off to start the second half.

The questions are – Can Seattle get the crowd back in this and help their cause to defense their Super bowl title, and Cam Newton needs an amazing drive to keep the panthers with any hope of moving on? Have to wonder is the rain will bother Carolina also?

Take a knee – Paul Richardson if the Sea Hawks is down with an injury. Paul is up and walking off on his own with the trainers. Carolina finally get Wilson in a sack and force a punt. With the rain, the panthers are being smart and calling a fair catch on punts.

You can see that Seattle is coming with pressure but for now Cam is taking the time to find a receiver open. You know its loud when its hard to hear the announcers.  Cam is sacked for a loss making it 2nd and 18. Forced to punt it after being held in that series.

Seattle just had their longest run of 14 yards, the ball carried was Russell Wilson. Marshawn Lynch just cracked a 25 yard run. Its been a low scoring game, the defense has done the work to keep it close but I am waiting for Seattle to crack this wide open.  Wilson is sacked to close the third quarter.

**Fourth Quarter – Seattle — 14 and Carolina — 10

Seattle are knocking on the door of another touchdown, they take the sure points of a field goal to take the score to a 17 to 10 lead at the start of the final quarter. I think one more score by the Sea Hawks will seal the deal and send Carolina to holidays.

Take a knee – injury time out

Wilson on third down is 7 for 7. It’s a Russell Wilson to Luke Wilson connection for the touchdown and the lead is extended to 24 to 10. The Panthers need to find something special if they can to stay in this. I just don’t think that they have it to pull this off., Its getting loud as Newton is sacked again.

Chancellor for Seattle just picked off Newton and returned it for a touchdown,  It’s now a 31 to 10 blowout with less than 6 minutes in the game. Panthers just clawed a bit back scoring a touchdown, with the score now at 31 to 17 still with Seattle. With less than 3 minutes to go I am calling this game in favor of Seattle who will, host the winner of the Dallas Green Bay game for the right to play in the Super Bowl




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