Catch Up Football

I know I am behind on getting you caught up with the other two games this week.

Dallas and Green bay is up first. I wont bore you with the score and all. I know there was 2 critical calls in the game and it’s those I want to have a better look at.

*Green Bay – 26 and Dallas – 21
I honestly thought that Dallas had this one, I was cheering for them. It was home field advantage for the Packers and with the crowd on their side, it was going to be tough. Arron Rodgers was not a 100% and it was no certainty that he would be OK for the entire game.

Rodgers at home has an 8 and 0 record with 25 touchdowns and no interceptions, compared to Romo with an equal record of 8 and 0 with 20 touchdowns but 2 interceptions.

OK, the first call in the second quarter with the pass, from Rodgers to Cobb. Was it incomplete? By all accounts yes, the first view, head on looks like it was a complete pass. Now, the shot behind shows the point of ball hit the ground. It should have been calling incomplete but Green Bay got lucky on that one.

The second call, at the 4:36 in the fourth was, Dallas with the ball and did Bryant really have control of the ball when he made the catch? This is the sticky call that comes into play, does Bryant have control in the air but does he maintain control once he hits the ground? The call was reversed by the officials that Bryant did NOT have control of the ball when he hit the ground. It is a sticky call that, in my opinion needs to be looked at in the off-season.

*Colts and Broncos

I actually tipped Denver in this one and I was surprised by the outcome. Denver has the playoff experience and all, along with Payton Manning, I was sure that it would be a no brainer but I guess Andrew Luck and Colts had other ideas.

Payton did not have a good preparation which is really unusual and it would come to show during the game. The defense gave Payton and the Denver offense all kind of headaches in the first half. Andrew Luck looked confident and very much in control.

In the 4th quarter at the 12:00 mark, Denver had 4 3 and out for the day and that was just not like them. The Payton spark is just not there and I am wondering if maybe he has played his last game. I know that some times complacency can get the better of a team, was that Denver’s issue in a way? That there would be no problem is beating the Colts, or where the Colts just the better team on the day?

Next Sunday – the Colts against New England and Green Bay is off to Seattle


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