When Four becomes Two

Watching the final two games over the weekend, I actually thought I had it picked but, boy who say the twist that was coming.

Green Bay and Seattle

I got one simple question – How in the flaming hell do you blow a 16 – 0 lead at half time? I had actually tipped Seattle with the home field advantage and everything, When I woke up to hear the news I really wondered what happened. It was a remarkable comeback by the Sea Hawks and pulling it out in over time, they are going to have to be really careful against New England, because, I think that they will make them pay for mistakes.

New England and Indianapolis.

This one really didn’t surprise me too much. The Patriots had everything that was needed to win and do it in comfortable fashion. Tom Brady had the experience and confidence to direct the offense, the Defense stood up when needed and only gave up 7 points. Don’t count the Colts completely out, they will be back in the playoff again. Andrew Luck needs experience and a heap of confidence , he gets that and look out.

February 1 has the final two teams standing: Defending Champions Seattle against former winners New England. It is hard to defend the title and to be honest this can go either way.

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