NFL Draft – Hunting Buckeyes and Other News

The next rounds are going on and from here on out I am keeping a watch for any Buckeyes and other news that jumped out at me,

*Round 2 Pick Number 37 Devin Smith is now a New York Jet.

*Round 2 Pick Number 50 –  was introduced my Bills great Jim Kelly. He is looking good. Before the Commissioner could even introduce Mr.Kelly the fans blew the roof off the place.

*Round 2 Pick Number 54 – was introduced by former OSU player Chris Spielman.

*Round 3 Pick Number 92 – Jeff Heuerman is heading west to the Denver Broncos.

*Round 4 Pick Number 121 – Doran Grant is off to Pittsburgh

*Round 6 Pick Number 180 – Michael Bennett is heading south the Jaguars

Pick Number  187 – Evan Spencer is off to the Washington Redskins



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