Bills and Browns Game

*News from the Washington Redskins game – R.G3 was injured and I have not heard the extent of his injury.

During halftime Frank Gifford was remembered and they will be wearing the number 16 this year in Frank’s honor. Check out the ESPN trucks if you get a chance, Pictures of the Monday night football crew (Frank, Howard and Don)

I finally got my first pre season game today in Australia and it was the Browns game.

Its been interesting, you can see the mistakes, with some of them being silly and rusty but also, learning the basic plays with new players and all.

Johnny Manzel finally looked settled and had a really good throw  for touchdown. With less than 5 minutes it is looking like a possible Browns win.. It is going to be worth having a second look at them during the season. I think that if Manzel can settle down he will have a good season.

The other game I want to see is the Tampa Bay game on Monday to see if Winston is still full of himself or does he take a hit like a man. (yes, can you tell I am no fan of his)

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