October 14, Lets Watch football

Most of the games for me have taken place as I slept but let’s have another look and see whats up. First game today is

**Bengals and Sea hawks at Cincinnati — Andy Dalton at the helm for the Bengals in the first series.

***1st Quarter — 11:02 Bengals score 7 to 0. 28 opening drive points by Dalton and the boys on the first series of the game.

6:32 — Hawks tie things up at 7 a piece.

6:23 — first flag of the game and it was an Offensive holding call

*Penalties are killing the Bengals and its early, Dalton had a great throw but the penalty wiped out the touchdown. It was a 72 yard touchdown. 2 more penalties in the half by the Bengals

***2nd Quarter — Cincy – 7 and Hawks – 7

0:54 — Dalton throws an interception but a flag on the defense, Hawks keep the ball. With 0:10 left on the clock, Seattle kicks a field goal to take the lead into half time. 10 to 7

***3rd Quarter — Cincy – 7 and Hawks – 10

11:07 — Bengals pick off Wilson.

8:34 — Sea Hawks Challenge play. Call is reversed takes the Bengals to 4th and 7. Forced to punt, Clock was reset to 8:40

8:38 — first play of series and it is a 17 to 7 Hawks lead

6:41 — Burkhead fumbles the ball giving Seattle a further lead of 24 to 7.

6:10 — Dalton is sacked

3:28 — Bengals challenge, Hawks receiver has one foot in play and one foot out. Bengals finally catch a break as play ruled an incomplete pass.

2:47 —  Wilson sacked for a loss of 7

2:03 — punt with a return of 15 yards but a late block gets the Bengals in good terrority

***4th Quarter — Cincy – 7 and Hawks – 24

13:56 — 45 yard punt and a 36 yard return by the Bengals

12:18 — Bengals finally on the board again, have cut the Hawks lead to 10, 14 to 24.

3:38 — Dalton calls his own number for the score. Cincy is back in this with 3:38 left. Bengals within 3. Hawks 24 and Bengals 21

2:27 — Seattle forced to punt.

1:25 — Flag: Pass interference. 2 totally amazing Bengals catches with time running out.

0:00 — Cincinnati tie the score. at 24 all. Cincy could not stop the clock, the field goal unit knew exactly what to do.


Games tied at 24. Sea Hawks with the ball starting out.

Seattle was not able to get the ball close enough to try and score. Bengals with their drive, trying to get close enough for a field goal. Each team has had 1 possession so the next score wins

Just over 4 minutes to go and the Bengals send the field goal team on. He hit the post but it goes over for a Bengals win.


Cincinnati Bengals – 27 and Seattle Sea Hawks – 24

(Sea Hawks had a 17 point lead going into the 4th quarter)







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