Catch up Football

First game this week is the Atlanta Falcons and the Minnesota Vikings. It is my first look at both teams, all I know is that Teddy Bridgewater is directing the offensive for the Vikings.

Minnesota with the ball to open the first quarter.

both teams first series was a 3 and out

6:13 first flag of the game ; 15 yard taunting call

another flag on the defensive, pass interference

3:42 — Touchdown and with the extra point its a 7 to 0 lead for the Vikings

First play of Atlanta’s second series on a great run they turn the ball over. Vikings with their second series. To start the second quarter.

Bridgewater pass picked off in the end zone by Atlanta. Was a great pass but the Atlanta defender stepped into the path of the pass and picked it off.

Field Goal attempt by Atlanta finally gets the Falcons on the board. 7 to 3 with 6:13 left in the second quarter. 15 play drift but a penalty killed the drive and forced the field goal attempt.

Vikings pick off Atlanta with less than 2 minutes left in the half.

51 yard field goal attempt by the Vikings is no good. Turn over on downs.

Falcons take a knee to close the first half, the vikings still in front by a score of 7 to 3

**Second Half

Atlanta with the ball to start the second half

9:02 – Atlanta with a touchdown but there is a flag – Clipping on the offensive which is a 15 yard penalty. 2nd and goal at the 15 but another flag, this time on the defensive which gives the Falcons a first down at the 10 yard line. Vikings pick of Atlanta in the end zone. The penalties and pick off killed what should have been 6 points.

First play of Minnesota series and it is a defensive pass interference. (Bridgewater to Peterson combination is working really well today. I am pleased for Bridgewater and how well he has made the adjustment from College to pro ball)

29 yard field goal attempt is good for a 10 to 7 lead.

Minnesota sacks Atlanta to force a punt and close the 3rd quarter


3rd and 15 for the Vikings, can they get close enough for a field goal attempt after missing a 51 yard try earlier in the game. 39 yard try – which is good and a lead 13 to 3.

Not sure what Atlanta was thinking here, they needed 2 scores and they were not being clock smart. A quarterback sack on 4th and 1 with 4:34 left in the game have sealed the win for the Vikings. They should just have to run the clock out.

4:15 – Peterson with a 30 yard touchdown run, with the extra point it is a 20 to 3 Vikings lead. Peterson’s 99th touchdown in Viking history

A flag on the defensive gives the Falcons a first and goal.

1:28 in the fourth and the Falcons finally get a touchdown, with the extra point the Vikings still hold a lead but is now a 20 to 10 score.


Minnesota Vikings 20 and the Atlanta Falcons 10

It was a pretty good game to be honest, I was not expecting a lot from either team. Atlanta was going well but then would self destruct in the red zone. Penalties cost them at least a touchdown. Time management also was not handled well as they needed 2 scores to win but turned the ball over.

On the Vikings side, Teddy Bridgewater was a real surprise to me today, very focused and reading things well. Adrian Peterson with all his off field issues was really good, a bit of a work horse but was great today. He is defiantly one to watch and will leave his mark in the Vikings history books.





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