More Week 12 action — Pittsburgh and Seattle

Game 2 on this hot Sunday in Adelaide is the Pittsburgh Steelers playing at the Seattle Sea hawks. It is usually a difficult task to win out there but will see how this story unfolds. Watching this game due to the number of former and current Ohio State Buckeyes playing on the team

Sea Hawks won the toss and chose to kick off, they will have the ball to start the second half.

**First Half

Ben Roethlisberger to direct the Steelers offensive. 3 and out with a punt and Seattle to start at their own 30. Russell Wilson to Direct the Hawks offensive.

**(Ryan Shazier wearing #50 from OSU) with help from a team-mate they sacked Wilson.

A three and out by Seattle gives Ben and the boys another trip on offensive. (Gee its LOUD)

Pittsburgh with the first points of the game, a field goal for a 3 to 0 lead.

4th and 2, Pittsburgh with a field goal attempt, back up quarterback in to go for it but Seattle(read it perfectly) picked it off and returned it to the 24 yard line.

12:35 Flag – Personal foul(unnecessary roughness) for diving on the pile against Seattle.

12:18 Touchdown by Seattle and with the extra point it is a 7 to 3 Hawks lead.

With a flag by the Hawks the Steelers will start in Seattle terrority

Touchdown by Bryant, and with the extra point the Steelers take back the lead 10 to 7.

Ryan Shazier being helped to the locker room. Concussion protocol in-acted.

6:13 – Pittsburgh challenge the last play. A 7 yard pass reception. Ruled an incomplete pass.

Clock reset to 6:32

2:10 – Seattle scores, going 85 yards.Taking the lead back with the extra point it is 14 to 10 close to the end of the half

0:56 – left in the half and the Steelers score. Going for 2 and it is successful. Pittsburgh with an 18 to 14 leading heading into half time.

Flag on Seattle – intentional grounding

**Halftime — Steelers – 18 and Sea Hawks – 14


5:51 in the 3rd quarter and the Steelers have to settle for a field goal and a 21 to 14 lead.

3:36 – Steelers are picked off at the 37 yard line.

3:00 – Seattle score a touchdown and with the extra point missed it is a one point game still favoring the Steelers 21 to 20. (2 plays 37 yards.)


On the first play of Seattle’s series there is a fumble and Pittsburgh recovers. On review the ball was recovered out of bound and it will continue to be Seattle’s ball.

4th and 5 Seattle punt, a net of 43 but it winds up in the end zone.

Steelers first play of the series and Sherman picks it off. You can see the frustration on Ben’s face.

14:00 – flag – personal foul, unnecessary roughness on Pittsburgh. Receiver for Hawks, Graham is injured. Cart out and leg in an air splint.

12:17 –  Seattle with a touchdown and not successful on the 2 point conversion. Score is Pittsburgh 21 and Sea Hawks 26

11:40 – 69 yard touchdown to retake the lead by the Steelers. going for a 2 point conversion which is picked off in the end zone.

8:12 – touchdown by Seattle and going for a 2 point conversion which is not good. 32  Seattle and 27 Pittsburgh

3:00 – Pittsburgh get within 2 thanks to a field goal. Seattle – 32 and Steelers – 30

2:01 – would see the final score of the game by Seattle with an 80 pass from Russell Wilson to Doug Baldwin.


Seattle Sea Hawks – 39 and Pittsburgh Steelers – 30

It was a good game, sea sawed back and forth. Ben was throwing well and it took tot he last a minute to know who would win.


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