Catch up Football — Jets and Giants

The first game this week takes me to the Jets and Giants game. I did hear this game went to over time and lets see how that happened.

**Kickoff — Giants are kicking off, they won the toss and have deferred.

**First Half – Jets starting at the 20 with Ryan Fitzpatrick directing offensive.

*4th and 7 – The Jets punt with no return.

*4th down and the Giants punt it away with no return

*6:00 – Jets send the field goal unit on for a 24 yard try which is good , for a lead of 3 to 0. (11 plays moving 78 yards)

*2:50 – Fitzpatrick sacked for a 4 yard loss

**End of the 1st with Fitzpatrick sacked for a second time in the series.

**Second Quarter – Jets – 3 and Giants – 0

Kick off return for an 80 yard touch down for the Giants. with the extra point, the Giants take the lead 7 to 3

10:56 – Fumble but flags flying all over. Fumble and recovered by the defensive, flag on the defensive. Half the distance to the goal, Giants keep the ball.

9:00 – 20 yard field goal with the Giants extending their lead 10 to 7

7:15 – Flag on the Jets bench. Unsportsmanlike conduct

3:21 – Jets touchdown. 9 plays moving 79 yards. With the extra point it is a tie ball game at 10 all.

2:13 – Odell Beckham with a touchdown 3 plays for 80 yards, Giants take the lead 17 to 10.

0:30 – a 35 yard field goal by the Giants takes the lead 20 to 10.

**Second Half – Giants – 20 and Jets – 10

It has been a sea saw battle this quarter, a lot of 3 and outs with a mix of penalties to stall drives.


**Flag – pass interference on the defensive. The Giants with the ball.

**4th and 2 for the giants and it is picked off by the Jets.

***Brandon Marshall is the 1st player with 1,000+ receiving Yards in a season with FOUR different teams (Denver,Miami, Chicago, NY Jets)

**Field Goal with 4:24 left in the game and it is a Giants lead cut to 7, Jets 13 and Giants 20

Close to the 2 minute warning and the Jets with the ball.They had to score on this drive to tie it up.

1:01 – Jets going for it on 4th down. On a quarterback keep, Fitzpatrick gets the needed yardage. Jets are playing the 2:00 minute drill.

0:27 – Touchdown, to Marshall. with the extra point, we head off to overtime.

**With the kickoff in this case I would have taken a knee in the end zone securing the start yardage

**Overtime toss and the Jets have wont and will receive the kickoff

Starting at the 26, Fitzpatrick has had a good day with no interceptions.

31 yard field goal attempt and the Jets nail it, 23 to 20 at 8:45 in overtime

**4th and 7, a throw to Beckham Jr, keeps the game alive.

**4th and 6, the Giants try a 48 yard attempt, it is NO GO and the Jets win

**Final Score

New York Jets – 23 and New York Giants – 20









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