Week 13 – Carolina and New Orleans

I had this game on in the background as I was doing other things but they way it see sawed back and forth I wanted to have a closer look

Carolina brings a perfect record into this game.

**First Quarter

I have picked it up in the first at the 12:03 mark in the first quarter with the Saints forced to punt.

**Drew Brees directing the offensive for New Orleans. .Cam Newton for the Panthers

8:16 — first points on the board go to the Saints. with the extra point it is a 7 to 0 lead.

At the 40 yard line, Cam is picked off and returned to just inside the 20 yard line.

5:11 – 38 yard field goal is missed and the score holds. The interception did not cost the Panthers

4:04 – Saints touchdown(ball stripped)(play on the field stands), with the extra point takes the lead to 14 to 0

3:14 – unsportsmanlike like conduct against New Orleans

1:22 – what a great fake with Cam and everything thinking a quarterback sneak, Cam runs 30 yards.

**Second Quarter

Touchdown to open the quarter for the Panthers – with the extra point it is a 7 point lead to New Orleans.

1:55 the extra point is BLOCKED and returned by New Orleans for a 2 point conversion. **Score – New Orleans – 16 and Carolina – 13. (New Rule change)

Carolina takes a couple of knees, and goes to the locker room behind by 3 points.

**Third Quarter — It’s the second half that things really get nuts

**11:38 – Hold on the defense, looked like pass interference to me

11:20 – Saints challenge. No challenge and just a time out

10:26 – touchdown but there are flags. 3rd and Goal is a touchdown and the Panthers take the lead. With the extra point it is a 20 to 16 Carolina lead

10:21 – Newton to the locker room. possible concession testing

4:56 – Panthers score and with the extra point it is an 11 point lead.

2:52 – a monster 54 yard throw gets New Orleans over the line for a touchdown – with the 2 point conservation it becomes a 3 point game at 27 to 24 with the Panthers still holding the lead

Mistakes by the New Orleans defensive have helped Carolina when they needed it the most

3 and out, with flag and Panthers still are forced to punt.

**Fourth Quarter – grab your drinks this is it,

14:54 – Defensive pass interference on Carolina.

**Challenge on the previous play. Confirmation it was a good catch. The receiver did not have both feet in bounds to complete the play.

14:02 – Coleman for the touchdown, a pass from Brees. with the extra point, it’s a 31 to 27 New Orleans lead.

11:54 – Ginn of the panther is wide open for a Newton pass and the lead is back to the Panthers. Extra point takes the score to 34 to 31.

11:00 – Curt Coleman picks off Brees with a massive catch, stepping right into the path and pulling the ball down.

5:21 – Ingram of the Saints with a scamper to the end zone, regaining the lead, with the point after it’s a 39 to 34 lead.

1:05 – HOLY COW – Panthers with a touchdown, Newton threads the needle to Cotchery. With the extra point its a 41 to 38 lead.


Carolina Panthers keep their perfect season alive with a 41 to 38 win over the New Orleans Saints.

It was a game full of flags and dropped catches but it was well worth the second look.






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