Week 15

Its been a wild morning and I must take a moment and make an apologize for my of blogging this season. Lots of issues have kept me away and I have had to put things on hold but lets see what silliness has been created by the games of today that I got in Australia.

My first game today is the Carolina Panthers taking a perfect season up against the New York Giants. Panthers are kicking off. No return so Eli Manning will direct traffic starting at the 20 yard line

**First Quarter**

On 4th and 1 fists are still flying. Punt team on and the Panthers will get another go.

Cam Newton with a major run of 47 yards but a flag on the play. Personal Foul, unnecessary roughness on the defensive. Making it first and goal on the 2 yard line. 29th touchdown throw for Newton, with the point after gives the Panthers a 7 to 0 lead at the 5:33 mark of the first.

Manning cant throw for crap, and another flag of unnecessary roughness against the defensive. Carolina’s front line are holding their own and making the Giants earn each yard. keeping it out of the air may be the only way the Giants can get anything done today.

Carolina defensive blew coverage and handed the Giants 7 points. (10 plays moved 80 yards)

One of the things I love about Cam Newton is his ability to read and run. He made sure we got what yardage he needed for the 1st and 10.

**Second Quarter** Game tied at 7 a piece

A blitz by the defensive causing a loss of 9 sacking Newton. 3rd and 16. 4th and 16 sees the first punt of the 2nd quarter but with a flag on the return. Illegal block in the back.

6:18 – Flag, offensive pass interference makes it 3rd and 13 for the Giants. Throw was tipped and the punt unit moved in to do their job.

4:18 – on the last throw Newton comes off, looking hurt. the ball did not have the right flow that it needed.

3:22 – Challenge issued by Carolina Panthers. Carolina is successful in the challenge, Tillman causes the fumble, its his 44th recovered fumble of his career.

2:14 – Touchdown on a gentle pass from Newton to Olsen for a 14 to 7 Panthers lead.

0:21 – another Panthers Touchdown taking the score just at half time to Carolina 21 and Giants 7

**Third Quarter – Carolina 21 and Giants 7

37 second drive by the Giants and its a 3 and out

10:03 – a Touchdown catch by former Buckeye Corey Brown, Panthers extend their lead by 21 points, 28 to 7.

(Odell Beckham has not been able to make anything happen today)

6:21 Newton is sacked and its now 2nd and goal

5:32 – Ginn Jr with his 5th touchdown pass of the day goes in untouched for the score. 15 yard penalty for celebration. Carolina extend their lead to 35 to 7

3:06 – this is nuts Odell Beckham has just lost the plot and needs benched. Another flag on the play, unnecessary roughness on both teams.

2:19 – another flag – Personal foul on Carolina.

1:18 – Will Tye for the Giants finally get another 7 on the board. 35 to 14 in favor of the Panthers.

*Fourth Quarter

13:24  – the start of the fourth and the Giants put another 7 on the board, Giants cut the lead to 35 to 21, flag though which is against Carolina for off sides.

9:00 – 34 yard field goal attempt was blocked, recovered by the Giants.

7:33 – Panthers pick off Manning in the end zone

6:43 – Panthers fumble and Giants recover.

5:27 – Giants make the Panthers pay and with that touchdown it is now just a 7 point lead to Carolina with an undefeated season on the line

1:45 Booth Review on the field, Control is the issue. Ruled an incomplete pass. Time reset to 1:51 and 4th down and 5

1:46 Touchdown by New York. Some one please explain how in the hell did Carolina not finish this off. The Giants are refusing to go away. It’s a tie score at 35 all.

0:05 – a 43 yard field goal attempt, which is good but there is a flag. Flag is against the Giants. The field goal is good and Carolina barely holds on to their perfect season.

Final Score – Carolina Panthers 38 and New York Giants 35






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