Detroit and San Francisco

Happy Monday gang,

Watching the Detroit Lions against the San Francisco 49er’s because of Jarryd Hayne, and Carols Hyde.

**First Quarter – 49er’s are the only team in the NFL who have not scored on their opening drive.

14:18 – Hayne with is first carry of the day.

10:21 – first flag of the day – illegal motion on the offensive.

9:28 – Flag – Pass interference on the Defensive. Time out called by the Lions

9:24 – Touchdown by Vance McDonald.

** with the extra point it is a 7 to 0 Niners lead

The Lions will start on their 37 yard line after taking the kick off.

7:52 – Flag – off sides on the Defensive

6:38 – Flag – neutral zone infraction

5:23 – 36 yard field goal is good and it is a 7 to 3 San Fran lead.

4:10 – flag – Offensive pass interference

2:06 – chain gang out,Lions with the ball and they are short for the first down. Punt unit on, fake punt and they get the needed yardage

**Second Quarter – Niners – 7 and San Fran – 3

Lions with the ball

*Flag – Neutral Zone infraction

14:15 – Touchdown, #13 Reed and with the extra point Detroit take the lead 10 to 7 (fake punt was the key to keeping that drive alive.)

14:07 – flag on the receiving team, San Fran keeps the ball

11:26 – Touchdown by the niners, flag on the defensive for holding but the touchdown stands. with the extra point the Niners take the lead back 14 to 10

9:47 –  great punt return by the 49er’s but a flag on the play.  – holding on the receiving team.

8:57 –  Gabbert has the ball stripped at the goal line and are checking to see if it is a touchdown.

8:54 – 1 play and the Lions take the lead back 17 to 14

5:37 – Field Goal missed by the Niners. No change in the score

2:45 – 4th and 4, the Lions punt

The Niners have 2 time outs and the 2 minute warning to try and score.

1:56 – flag – Defensive Pass Interference

0:40 – Field goal attempt on 4th and 10 – 40 yard try which is good tying up the score at 17 a piece

0:26 – flag – movement by San Fran, Neutral Zone, make that 2 flags for Neutral Zone

0:02 – flag – off side on Defensive. Lions trying a field goal attempt of 38 yards. The kick is good and the Lions take the lead into half time of 20 to 17

**Third Quarter

San Francisco kicks off

Detroit looking steady keeping the first series of the second half going.

9:18 – flag – false start on the Lions

4th and 2 – flag – delay of game on the Lions

4th and 7 after the flag with the Lions settling for a field goal for the first score of the second half.

Detroit – 23 and San Francisco – 17

8:20 – flag – on Detroit, Late Hit

8:12 – 2 flag both on Detroit, holding and a late hit

6:56 – 4th and 9, Niners to punt. Lions starting at their 14

*Lions running a no huddle offensive to hopefully change the tempo

4:03 – on 4th and 8 the Lions are forced to punt.

2:44 – Gabbert is sacked, looking at 3rd and 24

4th and 21 will force the Niners to punt, after the fair catch a flag on the play. Flag recalled, after checking the video

0:26 – Chain gang out and the lions are short.

**FOURTH QUARTER – Lions Challenge and win. It is a first down

13:43 – flag – Neutral zone by Niners

9:07 – flag –  Defensive pass interference

9:04 – Johnson with a Touchdown for Detroit, going for a 2 point conversion, which is no good so the score holds at Lions – 29 and Niners – 17

4:07 – flag – holding on the offensive – Lions with the ball

3:11 – 4th and 12 with the Lions going for a 34 yard field goal, which is good and takes their lead out to 32 to 17

**Final Score

San Francisco 49er’s 17 and the Detroit Lions – 32

*Too many flags with the niners today. Jarryd looked good and will only get better with time and experience.












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