AFC Wild Card Game – Houston and Kansas City

Happy Sunday in Australia Football lovers,

It is the first game of the playoffs and we are in Houston Texas, to see the Houston Texans face off against the Kansas City Chiefs. 71,000 fans in attendance

Houston to kick off.

HOLY CRAP KIDS – its a 106 yard touchdown return.

**First Quarter –

Houston – 0 and K.C – 7

*Brian Hoyer directing the offensive for Houston and Alex Smith directing for the Chiefs

*On the punt return there is a flag – Holding on K.C

*Houston with the ball after a punt by K.C is picked off. Did you blink kids, Houston just picked off K.C

**Flag – Pass interference on the defense, automatic first down

**Fumble – recovered by Kansas City, starting on the 42 yard line.

**49 yard field goal attempt is GOOD, its a 10 to 0 lead to K.C

*Flag on the play – Illegal contract on the defensive

*Hoyer is sacked for a loss,making it 2 and 17

*K.C starting on the 30 after the punt

*K.C trying another 49 yard field goal attempt which is also good, lead out to 13 for K.C

*Flag – before the pass was holding on the defense

*That was a great 50 yard run but why did the Houston player slow up, I would have turned on the after burners and ran like Forrest Gump

*Time out to K.C – player with a helmet issue

*Houston picked off at the 1 yard line.

**Challenge flag thrown by Houston – was the last catch by K.C good. Ruling changed to an incomplete pass. With the change, K.C was forced to punt

It was a great throw but a pick off for Houston. 3 picks in 6 possessions.

**Half Time**

*Houston to get the ball to open the second half. They manage 3 first downs but had to punt in the end.

Alex Smith keeps for a 63 yard run  for K.C but there is flag, it was holding on the offense.

5:44 – Flag – Personal foul – unnecessary roughness.

4:35 – Touchdown for K.C – with the extra point K.C extends their lead to 20 to 0

**Flag on the punt return – Illegal block in the back on the return team. (Houston Punted)

**Flag – Personal foul on the defense, unnecessary roughness


*14:56 – K.C touchdown and with the extra point its a 27 to 0 lead

*12:41 – great throw but pass interference on the offensive (Houston with the ball)

*First sack by Houston on K.C today

*Houston picked off again.

*Kansas City with a 33 yard field goal attempt which is good and its a 30 to 0 Kansas lead


Kansas City – 30 and Houston – 0

Depending on the outcome of the Pittsburgh and Cincinnati game will depend on where Kansas City goes.









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