AFC Wild Card Game – Steelers and Bengals

It is our second game of the night.

Growing up in Ohio I know how much these 2 teams hated each other and today is no different.

A.J McCarron directing traffic for Cincinnati and Brett Roethlisberger for the Steelers.

Steelers will receive the kick off.

*First Quarter

Steelers on and 3 and out. Here comes the Bengals for their first series of the game. Cincy with a 3 and out series also.

*First flag of the day – Interference on the kicking team.

*Flag – False start on the offense, another flag in the series for the Bengals. Delay of game on the defense.

On 4th and 3 the Bengals will punt, forcing the Steelers to start on their own 6 yard line.

**this game will be full of flags today, first down and an unsportsmanlike conduct call on the offense

*Second Quarter – No score in the game, but plenty of flags.

Steelers sacked for the first time today.

**Pouring buckets and the rain will affect catching in this game**

3rd and 23 due to flags and trying to sack Cincy.

*Fumble recovery by Cincinnati.

*Was a great throw by Cincy but Steelers picked it off

**Steelers trying a field Goal of 39 yards which is good for the first points of the game at 2:27 left in the first half. Steelers – 3 and Cincy – 0

**Steelers try a 36 yard field goal and take a 6 to 0 lead.

**Second Half

Both teams are 1 for 7 in 3rd down conversions.

Lose ball – Steelers recover and score a touch down but a flag, unsportsmanlike conduct. With the extra point its a 12 to 0 lead but the play is under review. Call over turned back to 6 to 0. The flag is still active and its back to the 36 yard line.

4th and 6 – Field Goal attempt from 34 yards out and its a 9 to 0 Steelers lead

Touch down by Pittsburgh – reviewing if he has control. Ruling Stands, going for 2, the throw is no good so its a 15 to 0 Steelers lead.

*Take a Knee kids this is not looking good. No flag on the play but there was helmet to helmet contact.

Roethlisberger sacked back at the 3 but is being helped off.Punting from the in zone on 4th and 30

Flag on the play, A.J just launched it and there was interference by the defense. It was a 42 yard penalty

13:57 in the fourth and the Bengals finally get on the board with the extra point its a 15 to 7 Steelers lead.

** game is really taking a toll on players on both sides

** on 4th and 3 the field goal unit for Cincy on the field with a 35 yard field goal attempt, which is good, The Bengals cut the lead to 15 to 10

*4th and 4 for the Steelers and they will punt. It is raining hard again.

1:50 Holy crap kids, Cincy just took the lead. 7 plays in 45 yards and going for 2, Cincy is and it is no good.

*Cincy – 16 and Pittsburgh – 15

Pittsburgh was just picked off by Cincy. Waiting for conformation. Cincy’s ball on the 29 yard line but a fumble Steelers recover. Call stands, Fumble recovery. Ben is on the field for the Steelers.

0:18 – flag on the play – Personal foul, on the defense. Another flag but this could end Cincy season in one mistake. Personal Foul on the defense.

35 yard field goal attempt by Pittsburgh to win the game which is good. 18 to 16 is the Steelers lead, with 0:14 second left in the game.

*FINAL – Pittsburgh – 18 and Cincinnati – 15

Pittsburgh is off to Denver and Kansas is off to New England







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