Steelers and Broncos

The final game of the weekend has the Pittsburgh Steelers out in Denver. My question is how healthy is Ben Roethlesburger today? Ben’s back up is Laundry Jones.  Ben and Payton will be directing traffic for their respective teams.

Denver has deferred and kicked off to the Steelers.

**First Quarter

Steelers with a 3 and out on their first series

11:21 – Pitt with a 28 yard field goal attempt which is good to open the score to 3 to 0.

Denver stopped Pitt on 4th down and take over on downs.

5:17 – first flag of the game.

41 yard field goal attempt by Denver which is good taking the score to 6 to 0 at 3:40 in the first.

Pittsburgh finally on the board with a touchdown. 5 plays moved 80 yards. with the extra point at 1:22 left int he first Steelers take the lead 7 to 6

**Second Quarter

11:11 – Roethlesburger is sacked

43 yard field goal attempt is good and Steelers extend their lead to 10 to 6 at 10:19 in the second

Denver going for it on 4th and 3. Pass incomplete. 5:12 left in second half.

51 yard field goal attempt, wind at the kickers back, it is good and Denver cut the lead to 10 to 9 at the half.

**Third Quarter

Denver with the ball to open the third quarter

13:37 – flag pass interference on the defense. 1st down

On 4th and 5 the Steelers go for a field goal of 28 yards which is good and takes the lead to 13 to 9 at 9:31 of the quarter

Its 4th and 11 this time for the Broncos who try a 41 yard field goal which is good and its a 13 to 12 Steelers lead. 2:45 left int he third.

1:25 – flag, Pass interference against Denver. first flag of the game for them

**4th Quarter

Flag – delay of game on the offense. Making it 4th and 25. Instead of trying a field goal it was a punt.

9:10 – flag, holding on the offense wiping out a 28 yard run

3:00 – Broncos touchdown taking the lead for the first time 18 to 13, going for 2 which is good taking the score to 20 to 13 Denver’s lead.

Roethlesburger is sacked on 4th down and Denver takes over on the 30 yard line with less than 2 minutes left

45 yard field goal attempt is good for a 23 to 13 lead with less than a minute left

Steelers Field goal is good to cut the lead to 16 to 23.


Denver Broncos – 23 and Pittsburgh Steelers – 16





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