Happy 50th Super Bowl

Happy Monday from Australia,

Hard to believe this is it, the end of the 2015 – 2016 season. The Carolina Panthers and the Denver Broncos are the last two teams left int he dance. The rumors are that this will be Payton Manning’s final game.

Lady Gaga to sing the National Anthem.

Panthers are wearing Dark Jerseys  with White Pants, Broncos wearing the all white Bronco uniform.

Introducing the MVP’s of the Super Bowl.

Coin Toss – Carolina win the toss and defer to the second half.

**First Half

Denver to start at the 20 after the kick off. First throw by Manning for a gain of 18 yards.

13:39 – First flag of the game, Holding on the Defense. Gain of 22 yards

34 yard field goal by Denver is good for the first score of the game, 10:43 it is a 3 to 0 Denver lead.

Carolina with their first series of the game. They have ask for a measurement to decide to go for it or punt. Panthers will punt. 48 yard punt with no return.

Challenge by Carolina. Ruling on the field stands. An incomplete pass.

Cam Newton is sacked and loses the ball, recovered in the end zone for a Broncos touchdown. With the 33 yard point after the Broncos extend the lead to 10 to 0 at 6:27 in the first quarter

Newton sacked, flag on the Defense for taunting, its a 15 yard gain and a first down for Carolina.

3:12 – after a Panthers punt, it is Denver with the ball on the 13 yard line. Manning is sacked and Broncos are forced to punt.

After a flag, Carolina with good field position. They need to get a more solid series, chip away at the yardage, they have good field position.

**Second Quarter – Denver – 10 and Carolina – 0

Carolina with the ball to continue their series. Offense is charged with a false start. Finally, the Panthers with a 3rd and 1 make it to keep the series alive.

11:46 – massive flags on the play – facemask on the offense – half the distance to the goal.

11:25 – Carolina finally get on the board. with the extra point it is a 10 to 7 Broncos lead.

Carolina Challenge – when was Peyton actually down, or was it an incomplete pass? Carolina wins challenge. Manning was sacked.

Panthers have the Broncos at 4th and 17 – 53 yard punt with no return but a flag. ineligible man down field on the kicking team. With the rekick from the penalty, Carolina start at mid field. 4th and 12, with a 3 and out they will have to punt.

Broncos – got a 61 yard return on a 28 yard punt. Broncos going for it on 4th and 1, He might have got it but there is a flag on the play, it’s on the offense. Denver has to settle for a field goal, its a 13 to 7 Broncos lead.

Newton with a run of 14 yards – Flag – against the Broncos for a late hit. Panthers fumble and the Broncos take over on the 40 yard line. Karma come back and bites the Broncos as the Panther defense pick off the ball with a 68 yard interception.

Panthers with the ball, 2nd and 12 with 1:25 left in the first half. Cam got sacked and never saw it coming.

End of first half – Carolina – 7 and Denver – 13

***Half time opens with Cold Play doing some of their big hits, Coldplay made way for Bruno Mars who did one number before passing it off to Beyoncé. They teamed up for Funktown, Cold Play now doing Beautiful day, Beyoncé and Bruno now back on stage. I quite enjoyed that.

**Second Half – Panthers open with the ball

Ted Ginn with a 45 yard pass and run from Newton. Flag on the play – Personal Foul on the offensive. 44 yard field goal attempt was NO GOOD as it hit the left up right. Broncos take over at the 34 yard line.

9:19 – Flag – on the defense for a Neutral Zone infraction. Denver with another Field Goal taking the score out to 16 to 7.

After a pick off and two fumbles, the Broncos come up with the ball , deep in Panthers terrority.Denver having to punt on 4th and 15. 54 yard punt, 3 yard return and there is a flag on the play. Personal Foul, Illegal blind side block.

Cam Newton sacked. Panthers punt it away, its a 46 yard punt with no return.

**FOURTH QUARTER – Broncos – 16 and Panthers – 7

Flag – unsportsmanlike conduct against Carolina. Manning fumbles and falls on the ball. Panthers with the ball at the 22.

Field Goal by Carolina is good and the Broncos lead is cut to 10 to 16.

False start on the Carolina offense is number 6 flag, makes it 2 and 15. Thought they would have gone for it but Panthers punted it away with 7 minutes left. Broncos with a 6 point lead. Denver with a 3 and out, punted back to Carolina. 4:51 left in the game. Van Miller, knocked the ball out once again. Flag on the Carolina Defense, half the distance to the goal.

3:08 – Denver Touchdown, going for a 2 point conversion, which is good. Broncos take the lead out to a 24 to 10

1:01 and Payton Manning walks off the field for the last time.


The Denver Broncos – 24 and the Carolina Panthers – 10

The only question left is will Payton Manning retire after this?




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