Look Out – Here Comes Season 2016

I was surprised to get a pre-season game and when I was it was Dallas, even better. I know the outcome but wanted to have a look and see how it all fell apart, the young kids getting a go and some of the more well-known guys are getting a rest.

L.A Rams home after 22 years.

Dak Prescott directing traffic for Dallas today

Rams to kick off to Dallas but thanks to special teams and Lucky Whitehead returning the ball 101 yards for a touchdown with the extra point it’s a 7 to 0 Dallas lead, Rams return the kick off back tot he 40 yard line.

13.30 first flag of the game, illegal procedure on offense

Punt downed inside the 5 yard line for the Cowboys. Dallas challenging the call, ball marked on the 1 yard line? Ruled a touchback, Rams player with his foot on the goal line.

Dez Bryant with a good solid catch, won’t see Zeke Elliot in this game.

8:08 Dallas with a touchdown/extra point and it’s a rekick with the penalty, Dallas 14 and Rams yet to score

3 Dallas players are out due to suspension – Roland McClain, Randy Gregory and DeMarcus Lawrence

1:33 left int he first and the Rams get on the board with the extra point its Dallas 14 and Rams 7, Flag on Dallas but will be enforced on the kickoff.

Dallas with their 3rd touchdown/extra point for a 21 to 7 lead 13:28 in the 2nd quarter.

After a pick off and fumble, Dallas hang on to the ball

Dallas with a field goal for a 24 to 7 lead just before half time.


Rams score on their opening possession of the second half for a 24 to 14 Dallas lead.

Play review – I am not sure what happened there, it was a dropped pass but was the ball dead or did the Rams do the right thing by playing on? Ruling was an incomplete pass.

2 calls on Chaz Green, 1st one I didn’t see but the second call was correct.

Flag on the play, both teams so it’s a replay of 3rd and 10. That was an almost sac on the QB for Dallas but he managed to get out of it and pass complete for 47 yard gain. Rams take over on downs

**4th quarter

Cowboys intercept 1st pass of the quarter

7:07 in the 4th and the Rams add 7 more points to cut the Cowboys lead to 24 to 21.

Showers in directing the offense for Dallas, had to punt on 4th and 1

Rams went for it on 4 and 2, get the needed yardage

2:00 warning – 1 play after 2 minute warning the Rams get the touchdown and win the game.

**going for it on 4th and 2 is the plat that won the game**


**FINAL SCORE – Dallas — 21 and L.A Rams — 28









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