Thursday Night Football — Broncos and Chargers

FINALLY, I get to join you for a game. Life has gotten in the way and I have had to be away until now.

Chargers wearing all blue today with the Broncos in orange.

Broncos won the toss and will kick off.

Philip Rivers will be driving the offense for the Chargers.  On the verge of claiming the all time yardage record beating Dan Fouts.

1st flag of the night — Illegal set on the offense, another flag is offensive pass interference which erases the 18 yard gain. 1st and 25 at the 43 yard line, gained 11 of that loss back.

8:00 and the Chargers with the 1st score of the day, w/extra point it’s 7 to 0 (7 minute drive)

Trevor Simenon directing the offense for Denver.

(Joey Bosa off getting his hand checked)

Chargers start 2nd series at their own 6.

Chargers going for it on 4th and inches — get the needed inches. 10 minutes 3 seconds and all they could get was a field goal for a 10 to 0 lead.

Denver got the ball on the 11 after the review and the first play suffered a 4 yard loss.

5:41 in the 2nd quarter and Denver finally on the board 10 to 3

**Close of first half with the score Denver 3 and San Diego 10**

**Denver receiving the kick off to open the 2nd half**

*13:27 First flag of the half is false start on the offense.

1st play for the Chargers and it’s a 49 yard catch me if you can run. 1st and goal at the 6. Field Goal attempt is good for a 13 to 3 Charger lead.

Denver got just their 3rd 1st down in the 3rd quarter

*9;15 in the 3rd and there is a fumble with San Diego recovering, Unnecessary Roughness after the play on Denver. With the penalty the Chargers start on the 20 yard line. Field Goal attempt which is good from 31 yards. Score is 16 to 3 Chargers (charger defense line has been amazing, holding the broncos to 82 yards on offense to this point)

Chargers with the ball, Flag on the defense for roughing the passer adding 15 on the play,(flag) illegal formation on the offense.  Bomb thrown but a flag, pass interference on the defense makes it a 1st down. Lambo on for another field goal attempt which is good to extend the Chargers lead 19 to 3.

Denver has found a spark and had to huge plays for a large amount of yardage. 56 yard field goal attempt by Denver and it’s no good. Chargers get the ball back near midfield.


Denver opens the 4th quarter starting from their end zone but flags on the play, both on the offense, 1st flag declined but the second flag was holding and results in a safety for a 21 to 3 Chargers lead. On the free kick (it was a short punt, end over end which makes it hard to catch when you have a player not use to having to take a punt) the Chargers fumbled the catch and Denver recovered.

*8:08 and Denver finally make it to the end zone for their first touchdown of the day, with the extra point it’s still the Chargers in the lead 21 to 10. (52 minutes into the game)

Rivers sacked for a loss of 11 and Chargers forced to punt.

*4:13 flag on the offense erases the touchdown. It was 1 and 20 and now the Denver Quarterback was sacked. Fumble caused and the Chargers recover.

Chargers punting Denver marks the ball at the 16.

27 second left in the game and Denver with a field goal for a 13 to 21 Chargers lead.


Denver Broncos 13 and the San Diego Chargers 21














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