Thansgiving Game #1 – Lions and Vikings

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

1st game today is the Detroit Lions and Minnesota Vikings. It is my first look at both teams this season. I know many of you will have seen this game but it is my first change here in Australia to catch up.

Vikings to kick off. Matt Stafford leading the Lions offense, the boys are wearing gray pants with blue jerseys, with the Vikings in purple pants and white jerseys.

1st Thanksgiving meeting since 1995

It has been a steady 1st drive for the Lions on the opening series.

**7:14 Lions with the 1st touchdown of the game/extra point it is the Lions 7 and Vikings to open their 1st offensive drive of the game.

*Sam Bradford driving the offense for the Vikings

*2:03 – incomplete pass after reviewing the play. still Vikings ball.

*1:57 – Flag on the play, picked off by Lions. 71 yard return, lets see how the flag comes into play. Flag is defensive pass interference. Vikings with the 1st down.

*0:40 – Vikings with the touchdown/extra point and its a tie ball game at 7 all.

****2nd Quarter – game tied at 7 all

*6:45 and the Lions with a field goal to take the first lead of the game 10 to 7

*2:07 – 4th and 1 the Lions are going for it. It will be close to see if they got it. 3 inches short and that is a turnover.

**HALF TIME — Lions 10 and Vikings 7

****3rd Quarter

Vikings receiving the kick off for the 2nd half starting at the 25 yard line.

Lions quarterback Stafford sacked. 3 and 16. will punt on 4th and 9.

Vikings with a 41 yard punt return.

*7:05 – with a Field Goal the Vikings tie up the score at 10 a piece.

****4th Quarter

Flag – Personal foul a chop block

Field Goal attempt by the Vikings to take the lead for the first time today, 28 yards and it is good for a 13 to 10 lead.

Stafford sacked for a loss of 10 making it 2nd and 20

A quarterback keeper and the Lions get the 15 yards needed to keep the series alive.

#78 for the Vikings is down on the field.

Thanks to a massive punt and a penalty the Lions start this drive on their own 2 yard line.

Holy Cow, I have no clue how Stafford got that ball off without being sacked. Thanks to the flag the drive stays alive.

48 yard field goal attempt by the Lions to tie the game, which is good for a 13 all ball game.

0:30 – pick off by Detroit. 1st and 10 on the 20 yard line.

Matt Prater on 2nd and 12 to kick a field goal 40 yard attempt. What a thing of beauty and it is good for the win

Detroit Lions – 16 and the Minnesota Vikings 13





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