Oakland and Panthers

Morning Gang,

For those who can’t see the game today, Panthers wearing white pants and jerseys with the turquoise trim. Raiders in their home sliver pants with black jerseys.

I am joining this game in progress at 12:48 in the second quarter and Oakland just took the lead 14 to 7

**2nd Quarter

Panthers with the ball.

on 4th and 12 Carolina punts.

Field Goal attempt by Oakland which is good for a 17 to 7 lead.

0:59 touchdown by Oakland but a flag. Penalty is declined/extra point and it is a 24 to 7 Raiders lead.(ball was picked off by Raiders)

**HALFTIME** Oakland 24 and Carolina 7

*3rd Quarter – Raiders take the kick off to start the second half

Carr with a dislocated finger. Fumble and Panthers recover.

Got a great goal line stand by the Oakland defense.

10:33 Panthers with a touchdown/extra point was blocked. Raiders 24 and Panthers 13

Flag on the punt return. Holding on the receiving team. Carr is back on the field, dislocated pinky.

88 yards at 7:43 Panthers with a touchdown but the 2 point conversion was no good. Raiders 24 and Carolina 19

Derrick Carr returns to the field to supportive screams of the crowd. Using the shotgun formation.

Carr has been picked off, it looked like Carr was about to be sacked but the Panthers defense player stepped in the middle and picked off the throw.

1:46 Panthers make Oakland pay and take the lead 25 to 24, going for a 2 point conversion and it is dropped.

Raiders defense has made costly mistakes today allowing the Panthers great field position at times. the are the most penalized team in the game today.

**4th Quarter – Oakland 24 and Carolina 25

I am screaming at the telly there is NO WAY and the dude pulls it down for 6/extra point and it’s 32 to 24 Carolina.

8:37 – Finally Oakland finds the end zone for 6 and the are going for 2 to tie up the score. Got the 2 point conversion and it is 32 a piece.

4:07 what 1 hell of a catch, 49 yard throw with the Penalty being declined

2:00 warning, Raiders with the ball and it’s 1st and goal on the 11.

1:47 field goal attempt which is good for a 35 to 32 Oakland lead.

I would be calling quarterback pressure no matter.

0:54 – On 4th and 10 Newton is sacked.

In a super come back the Raiders some how have come back to life and won this game.

Oakland Raiders – 35 and Carolina Panthers – 32






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