Dallas and Minnesota – Catch up Ball

The game taking place in Minnesota

I have joined the game in the middle of the first and the only score was the Vikings with a field goal giving them the lead 3 to 0

**2nd Quarter

Nice drive by Prescott to get the 1st down.

5:30 – Zeke Elliott in for the touchdown/extra point and the Cowboys take the lead 7 to 3


**3rd Quarter – Vikings with the ball to open the half.

A very quiet game

4th and 16 for the Vikings will send the punter on. Dallas with a fair catch call inside the 10

2:14 – 36 yard field goal attempt is good for a 7 to 6 Dallas lead.

**4th Quarter

Field Goal attempt by Vikings 33 yards to give the Vikings the lead 9 to 7.

Prescott sacked and have punted away, Dallas self destructing

Dallas recovers the ball on the fumble – 1 play and its a touchdown and the Cowboys take the lead back/extra point it’s 14 to 9. 33 yards.

Vikings with the ball, sack making it 2nd and 18.

4th and 7. Dallas set up for a field goal attempt. 39 yard attempt. kick is good taking the score to 17 to 9.

Vikings with a touchdown at 0:25 left on the clock.(17 to 15) 2 point conversion to tie the game. 65 yards in 8 plays.

2 point conversion is no good, on side kick coming.

**Final Score

Dallas Cowboys – 17 and Minnesota Vikings – 15





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