Oakland and Kansas City — Week 14

Game is at Kansas City

Alex Smith will direct the offense for the Chiefs and Derek Carr will drive the Raiders offense

K.C  to kick off. Raiders wearing all white with silver helmets, K.C in all red.

**1st Quarter**

Oakland had a 2 and out but with the punt and a loose ball, Raiders recovery with a new series. 38 yard line.

On a fumble by Oakland, K.C recovered but it is being reviewed. (Ruled incomplete pass) Oakland keep the ball on 3rd and 8.

4th and 8 Field Goal attempt at 44 yards away which is good for a 3 to 0 Raiders lead.

On 4th and 1 for K.C they try a quarterback keeper and come up short turning the ball over.

**2nd Quarter**

14:51 – touchdown for K.C – looked like it was going to be a qback sack. No clue how he got that pass off without getting sacked. Extra point is good for a 7 to 3 lead.

8:35 – Touchdown for K.C but a flag on the play. Flag on defense – touchdown is good. extra point takes the Chiefs lead to 14 to 3.

6:25 – a 78 yard punt return for a touchdown by K.C with the extra point the Chiefs extend their lead to 21 to 3

0:14 0 Oakland with a touchdown/extra point K.C still lead 21 to 10

**Half Time**

**3rd Quarter – K. C with the ball to open the quarter.

14:06 – Pick off by Oakland.

13:12 – field goat attempt at 33 yards, which is good cutting the Chiefs lead to 21 to 13.

13:54 – Oakland cause a fumble and recover on the 18 yard line

11:02 – fake field goal does not work-

What a hell of a catch by K.C

On 4th down the Raiders manage to get the needed yardage to keep the series alive. Time is becoming the enemy of Oakland.

1:56 left in the game and Oakland was not able to convert turning over the ball after the penalty.

1:01 – with a measurement, Kansas City seal the win for tonight. Oakland wasn’t able to take advantage of errors by K.C. Oakland drops from 1st to 5th.

**Final Score

Kansa City – 21 and Oakland Raiders – 13







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