Oakland and Texas in Mexico – Catch up ball

Doing a little catch up football  and had this game on my list

Had the U.S National Anthem and now the National Anthem from Mexico.

Oakland given the home game

Getting to see Braxton Miller from Ohio State

7,500 feet above sea level, Oxygen on the sideline and in the locker rooms to help with recovery. Altitude is the main issue.

**1st Quarter**

32 yard field goal attempt by Texas and its good for a 3 to 0 Texas lead.

**2nd Quarter**

14:54 – Oakland with a touchdown/extra point, take the lead 7 to 3

Oakland recover the ball on the kick off which was fumbled.

12:50 – Oakland with a field goal for a 10 to 3 lead

7:50 – Braxton MIller with the touchdown/extra point to tie the game at 10 all

1:31 – pick off by Raiders defense

**Halftime** 10 all

*Personal – Impressed with Oakland this year. They have drafted well, gotten some experienced players which is what the team needed, The good mix of experience with the new kids is making for an exciting season

A huge bomb thrown by Carr and picked off by Texas.

8:32 – Texas with the touchdown/extra point and they reclaim the lead 17 to 10

Pass interference on the play, looks like all the refs threw their flag.

1st and goal from the 8 after the flag.

20 yard field goal for a 13 to 17 Texas lead.

**4th Quarter

Texas 17 and Oakland 13

10:57 – 32 yard field goal by Texas for a 20 to 13 lead.

10:44 – 1 pass and Oakland tie the score at 20 all

6:15 Houston went for it on 4th and inches and did not get it. Challenge, call was not overturned

4:43 – Oakland take the lead with a touchdown/extra point for a 27 to 20 lead.

**Final Score

Oakland Raiders 27 and Texas Texans 20








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