Playoffs and Hall of Fame.

With the 2017 playoffs starting soon I got to looking at some of the teams, taking part.

I have to follow my heart with my boys from Dallas with Ezekiel Elliott or Zeke. He was amazing at Ohio state and I loved the article from ESPN talking about some of the silliness of Zeke but he works hard and gets the job done. Zeke was that way at Ohio State, he works hard but he’s always happy.

I can’t wait for the day that Zeke heads to the Hall of Fame.

The Oakland Raiders are also in the playoffs, which really surprise me how they have turned things around. You have to give them a chance. The defending Champs are not there and what a surprise that one is. I don’t there is a clear-cut out of all of this.

Why did I just tell you all of that, so we can talk about the Hall of Fame. I didn’t know alot of about the Hall until I started writing about NFL. Growing up I heard a little about it, knew it was a big deal but nothing about the process of how players, coaches and other were chosen. The Hall of Fame is in my backyard of Canton Ohio and I have to admit I have never been but am looking forward to going one day.

I know the starting list is long and then through a serious of cuts the final is made. 2017 is going to be no different, wondering which player is going to top the list. There are quite a few who I truly think have paved the way for the young kids , like Zeke and other Buckeyes playing today.

I got to watch the ceremonies of the hall last year and how special it was. getting to see what my favorite players are up to now, those we have lost and how football over all has changed since I was a kid.

Here’s a thought – How many of the kids we will watch over the play offs and Superbowl will find their way to the Hall of fame?

Only time till tell




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