NFC Wild Card – Giants and Packers

I am joining this game in progress with The Giants having the lead 3 to 0

Aaron Rodgers directing the Green Bay offense

It was a great throw but pass interference on the Giants defense.

Aaron Rodgers has just been sacked 3 times in a row

**2nd Quarter** Giants – 3 and Packers – 0

7:24 a monster field goal for a 6 to 0 Giants lead

Green Bay with a 33 yard kick off return.

2:20 – I have no bloody clue how Aaron got out of that,let alone to get the throw off and it be complete/extra point and Green Bay have the lead 7 to 6.

With 6 seconds left til the half, Green Bay on a 4th and 2, Arron calls a hail Mary and hopes for the best, Cobb managed to be in the right place at the right time for the touchdown

**Half Time** — Green Bay – 14 and New York Giants – 6

**3rd Quarter**

Packers with the ball to open the 3rd quarter

Packers on 4th and inches are stopped in a major defense stance.

5:16 – after that major stop, the Giants get the touchdown/extra point and its a 1 point ball game. 14 to 13 in the Packers favor.

There are holes everywhere and with Arron connecting to his receivers the Packers are moving down the field in chunks.

2:53 – Cobb runs into the end zone untouched/extra point Green Bays lead out to 21 to 13

0:15 – field goal 32 yard try is good for a 24 to 13 Green Bay lead at the end of 3

**4th Quarter**

9:21 – Cobb for Green Bay comes up with another magic catch for a touch down/extra point and the Packers start pulling away 31 to 13

2:43 – what a touch down, It didn’t look like h made it in but the guy must have tree trunks for legs. He was not going to be denied. On the fumble recovery, Packers made the Giants pay. 38 to 12 Packers

Packers defense pick of the ball in the end zone to seal the game.

**Final Score**

Green Bay Packers – 38 and the New York Giants – 13

Green Bay go on to face the Dallas Cowboys