Packers and Falcons in the Georgia Dome

Facing off for the right to go to the Super Bowl

(Packers wearing yellow pants with white jerseys and the Falcons in white pants with red jerseys)

Packers kicked off to the Falcons.

8:34 touchdown for the Falcons but a flag on the play. Unnecessary roughness on Green Bay/extra point gives the Falcons the 7 to 0 lead.

This could be a high scoring game with the real batter between the quarterbacks.

Crosby missed to the right on that field goal attempt.

with 14 second left int he first the Falcons extend their lead to 10 to 0

**2nd Quarter**

Falcons 10 and Green Bay 0

Falcons are putting massive pressure on Green bay on every play, Packers have turned over the ball on the play.

7:24 – Falcons add another touchdown/extra point taking the lead to 17 to 0

Holy Crap, what a throw by Rodgers but it was picked off by Atlanta.

Atlanta is pouring on the points, 3 seconds left and its a 24 to 0 Falcons lead. Green bay needs to find a way to make a dent in the offense , create a turnover, something to get some confidence.

**3rd Quarter**

11:50 and the Falcons are building a lead I don’t think green bay can catch, its 31 to 0

9:19 finally Green Bay make a dent in the score – 31 to 7. (hoping the packers can get a 3 and 0 and score again)

**the refs are giving it to Green Bay today**

Challenged call gives the Falcons another touchdown/extra point is missed its a  37 to 7 Atlanta lead

3:18 Rodgers is picked off, reviewing the play. Ruling is an incomplete pass.

4th and 2 the Packers are going for it – late hit on Rodgers who carried the ball.

The Packers get a much-needed touchdown and are going for 2/it’s good taking the score to 15 to 37 still in the Falcons favor.

**4th Quarter**

11:07 Touchdown by the Falcons/extra point – 44 to 15. the Falcons are not going to be denied today.

6:43 and the packers with a touchdown going for 2 again/No good – 44 to 21 in the Falcons favor with another on side kick attempt.

Field Goal attempt by Atlanta, 58 yard attempt. Coach decided to punt instead.


Green Bay Packers – 21 and the Atlanta Falcons 44

The Falcons to face the winner of the Pittsburgh – New England game for the Super Bowl