Steelers vs New England in Foxborough

For the right to face the Atlanta Falcons in the 51 Super Bowl

Looks like a wet night.

Pittsburgh kicked off. Tom Brady directing traffic for N.E (wearing blue jerseys, white pants with a stripe on the leg)

31 yard field goal attempt is good for a 3 to 0 N.E  lead at 13:08 in the first.

Ben Roethlisberger goes to work – (wearing yellow pants with white jerseys and black helmet.)

2:47 N.E with a touchdown (#15 for N.E) /extra point – 10 to 0 New England.

**2nd Quarter**

11:31 – Touchdown  for the Steelers. 10 to 6 Patriots lead

7:42 – Gee Brady makes that look so easy. Patriots touchdown/extra point for a 17 to 6 lead.

1:43 – Steelers thought they had 6 but after review it was overturned. 23 yard field goal attempt is good for a 9 to 17 New England lead.

**3rd Quarter**

Pittsburgh with the ball to open the second half.

(NO flags or turnovers in the 1st half)

47 yard field goal for N.E extending their lead to 20 to 9

2:44 Patriots touchdown/extra point for a 27 to 9 lead over the Steelers

2:34 ball stripped and New England with the recovery.(catch and fumble)

(Pittsburgh is missing way to many tackles)

1:35 and the Patriots make Pittsburgh pay for the turnover with a touchdown  blowing the score to 33 to 9

**4th Quarter

New England pick off the Steelers with 10 minutes left in the game

Field Goal is good  for a 36 to 9 lead.

3:36 and Pittsburgh finally get to the end zone/ 2 point conversion is good for a 36 to 17 score


Pittsburgh Steelers 17 and New ENgland Patriots 36

New England will meet the Atlanta Falcons in Houston for Super Bowl 51