Pre Season – Browns and Redskins



It’s my first look at Cleveland since they picked Johnny Manziel in the Draft. It is going to make for an interesting game and to see how he handles the pressures and all. Robert Griffin III is back at the helm for the Skins, it was not a great year coming off the broken leg so it will be interesting to see how he has gotten stronger in the off-season.

*First Half

*Cleveland wins the toss and elected to go on offense. Brian Hoyer starting at the helm for the Browns. Hoyer was sacked on the first play for a loss of 6 yards. FLAG – false start on the offense. On 3rd and 21 the Browns were not able to gain enough yardage to keep the drive alive and punted.

*Skins first series of the game. – On 1 down of the second set in the series, the ball was fumbled and Cleveland recovered

*Browns – Hoyer for the second series, on a 3 and out the Browns punted away.

*Skins – FLAG – holing on the Defense,5 yards tacked on to the end of the play. FLAG – False Start, FLAG – Offense Pass Interference. FLAGS – holding on the defense , both flags. Ball picked off by Haden of the Browns. Skins were in Field Goal terrority.

*Browns – Manziel at the helm now for the Browns on this series.,Manziel is sacked for a loss of 8 yards,on 4th and 12 punted.

*Skins – Series going well, FLAG on the Defense. Illegal contact on the defense gives the skins a first down. False start on the offense makes it 1st and 15. Andre Roberts in on the end of a major pass at the close of the first quarter making it first and goal. FLAG – holding on the Defense. Ruling on the field is a touchdown – Defense holds and the Browns take over on downs

*Browns – FLAG on the defense for a Face mask, Unsportsmanlike conduct on Washington makes it first and 10 on the 9 yard line. 4th and 11, the Browns are forced to turn it over. Manziel could not make the pass under pressure from the Skins.

*Skins – Kirk Cousins now in at QB for the Skins. Ball picked off by Gibson of the Browns.

*Browns – Hoyer back in for the Browns – Field Goal unit on the field, 29 yard attempt which is good to take the lead at the 5:00 mark of the second quarter. Browns – 3 and Skins – 0.

*Skins – on a 3 and out the ball goes back to Cleveland for one final series before half time. Skins recover the lose ball on the 43 yard line. 0:23 second left in the half and the Skins finally get on the board,with the point after successful the Skins take the lead 7 – 3.

*Second Half

*Skins open the second half with the ball on their own 40 yard line. Touchdown to Grant, 8 plays covered 60 yards, with the point after good its a 14 – 3 lead for Washington.

*Browns – Kick off returned to their own 46 yard line. Manziel will start this series. On 4th and 2 Manziel could not connect and they turn the ball over.

*Skins – Cousins at QB – It’s a 3 and out series, Browns on a fair catch call at the 6:48 in the third quarter, Manziel out for another series.

*Browns – Illegal formation against Cleveland. Manziel still on the field for the start of the fourth quarter, Manziel to Dion Lewis on a screen pass.  16 plays covers 68 yards, with the extra point, the Browns have cut the lead to 17 to 10, Skins still ahead. 13:33 left in the game.

*Skins – FLAG – holding on the offense. Browns pick off and return for a touchdown, with the point after good the Browns take the lead 17 to 14. Taking the kick off again, a 43 yard gain get the Skins in Browns terrority. FLAG – Pass interference. 4th and 6 is a field goal attempt, 26 yards is good and its a time score 17 all,  at 9:51 left in the game.

*Browns – 3 and out punted the ball. Skins taking over McCoy at the helm. throws for a touchdown to Williams 6 plays for 56 yards. 2:01 left in the game the Redskins take the lead 24 to 17. FLAG – holding on the return team.

*Browns with the final drive trying to get down and tie up the game. Shaw in at quarterback. On a Hail Mary pass the Browns score and are going for two, they were not able to steal the win.

*Final Score – Cleveland – 23 and Washington – 24


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