Thursday Night Football — Bears and Packers

Welcome to the Fox Den Sports desk for those of you who are new my name is Cricket.

It is my first look at the Bears and Packers this season.

I know that the Bears are still struggling with Jay Cutler and his lack of everything to help the Bears.

Packers deferred, Kicking off to the Bears

**1st Quarter**

Brian Hoyer is directing the offense for the Bears tonight. Flag before the first snap/encroachment by the defense makes it 1st and 5

Packers 1st series — Aaron Rodgers directing traffic. 4th and 3 they are going for it and keep the series alive.

*8:54 — field goal for the packers who take the lead 3 to 0

3:31 — Aaron with a monster throw but pass interference on the defense 44 yard penalty

**2nd Quarter**

Bears starting the series at the 1 yard line.

Off sides on the offense and then pass interference on the defense is getting the Bears moving a little.

10:21 OH NO! Hoyer is DOWN

6:34 Matt Barkley makes his debut for the Bears

2:13 Field Goal by the Bears makes it a 3 all game — (39 yard attempt)

3rd down for the Packers and a flag for pass interference.

Bears SACK Rogers

0:17 Packers with a field goal for a 6 to 3 lead


Brian Hoyer with a broken arm.

Holy Crap — Rogers is sacked, the ball is recovered in the end zone for a Bears touchdown. Flag was on the offense. 35 games without a defense touch down. With the extra point its a 10 to 6 Bears lead.

9:11 Touchdown/extra point it is the Packers back in front 13 to 10

Delay of game on the Bears its 3rd and 24, almost got all the yardage back. Flag takes the Bears back to 3rd and 29. On 4th and 18 the Bears are forced to punt it away

Flag to close the quarter — on the Defense

**4th Quarter**

14:55  Touch Down/extra point and Green Bay extends their lead to 20 to 10 over the Bears

Face mask on the defense for an automatic first down

Delay of game on the Packers now its illegal contact on the defense.

GEESH – Defense holding. (7 1st downs for packers this drive)

5:35 Randall Cobb for Green Bay with the touch down (missed extra point)  makes it 26 to 10 Green Bay

4:27 Green Bay pick off the Bears throw. (the inexperience at quarterback is really hurting the Bears)

Flags have killed the Bears today.

1:36 Field goal attempt was blocked keeping the score at 26 to 10


Green Bay 26 and Chicago Bears 10









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